Shengal martyrs laid to rest on Mount Shengal

5 of the 7 fighters who died as result of the KDP forces' attack in Shengal have been laid to rest on Mount Shengal. Êzîdxan Asayish member was buried in Shengal's Borik village and HPG guerrilla Orhan Baran will be buried in Qamishlo.

Bodies of HPG guerrilla Newroz Güvercin (Çekdar Sinan), YBŞ fighters Elyas Xelef İsa Xidir (Çiya Serdeşt), Xidir Meto Quto (Şoreş Şiba), Faysal Xelef Nepsa Dirbo (Arif Tilqesep) and YJŞ fighter Zuleyha Sarıaltun (Tekoşin Serhed), who had lost their lives as result of the KDP forces' attack in Shengal on 3 March, were taken from Khanesor to the Serdest region on Mount Shengal for burial.

Large number of Shengalis attending the funeral ceremony accompanied the procession to the Martyr Berxwedan and Martyr Dilgeş Cemetery on Mount Shengal, chanting “Şehit Namirin” (Martyrs are Immortal) and “Biji Serok Apo” (Long Live Leader Öcalan). The funeral at the cemetery began with a military ceremony.

Speaking after the military ceremony, Êzidî Coordination member Zeki Şengali offered their condolences to the families of martyrs and the people of Kurdistan.


Şengali stated the followings:

"Today, we bid farewell to 7 martyrs of ours. We paid a heavy price for the liberation of these lands, many people of ours fell martyr. However, these comrades of ours were martyred by the forces calling themselves Kurds. Êzidî people are not an unconscious or unorganized folk anymore. We know why those forces are attacking here today. For the Êzidî people, there are two periods; before and after the 73rd massacre. Êzidî people will not be unorganized and they will be leaving freely after the 73rd massacre. The colonialists are afraid of this reality and they want to sustain their ruling. Êzidîs will live as per their faith and religion. They will ensure their organisation in all the areas of life."

Remarking that 7 fighters were massacred viciously, Şengali continued; "These comrades of ours sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Êzîdxan. Some circles argue that they died fighting. This is not true as our comrades wanted to protect their living area but they were attacked and massacred. Those attacking Shengal are not the people or citizens of this land. These groups are colonialists that were trained by Turkey and deployed here. Why did they ever attack Khanesor? They are attacking because they have lost their power. If the arms mobilized against Khanesor had been used against ISIS, the Êzidî people would not have suffered a massacre. These forces received these arms from the coalition but they used them to commit a massacre here.

This folk will defend themselves and their will cannot be defeated by any force. YBŞ is a defense force established with the blood of the people. Nobody can stand in their way. Êzidî people trust themselves. No force will triumph over them no matter how powerful heavy weapons they possess."


Speaking after on behalf of the YBŞ Command, Zerdeşt Şengali stressed that the attacking groups aimed to break the people's will but faced a great resistance. YBŞ Commander added: "Our comrades have been martyred. They are the martyrs of Êzîdxan. We have the power to respond to any attack."


Ferhat Kantus on behalf of Shengal HPG Command said: "We came here in order that colonialist forces do not occupy the lands of Êzîdxan. Everyone should know that we will bring them to account for our martyrs, for Çekdar who was martyred with tanks."

Families of the martyrs pledged to continue the struggle of their children to the very end.

Following the speeches, the mass sang the Kurdish march Çerxa Şoreşê, a will left by YBŞ fighter Şoreş Siba who had said "If I fall a martyr one day, let people sing Çerxa Şoreşê in my funeral".

The 5 martyrs were later laid to rest.

Êzîdxan Asayish member Selam Eli Mixeber (Amed Şengali) was laid to rest in Shengal's Boruk village, and the other HPG guerrilla Orhan Baran (İbrahim Hüso) will be buried in Qamishlo city of Rojava tomorrow.