Salar Mehmud: Turkey stands against all Kurdish gains

Salar Mehmud said that Turkey used NATO's latest war technology against the Kurds, adding, “The parliament's decision to remove the Turkish army from the territory of Kurdistan should be implemented because Turkey stands against all Kurdish gains."

Turkey continues to escalate its attacks on the lands of South Kurdistan (North Iraq), targeting civilians and killing revolutionaries in its genocidal attacks.

Political observer Salar Mehmud was interviewed by Rojnews about the Turkish attacks. Mehmud spoke about the latest Turkish attack in Kelar town near Sulaymaniyah which killed four people, including the deputy chairman of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) Executive Council, Ferhat Shibli.

“It is sad that the revolutionary Kurds were martyred in Kelar. Many peshmergas wrote an epic in the place where Ferhat Shibli was martyred. Unfortunately, times have changed and now our revolutionaries from Rojava are being martyred there.”

Mehmud pointed out that the Turkish state used NATO's latest war technology against the Kurdish people. “The Turkish state also targets the achievements in Rojava and South Kurdistan, seeking to shatter the unity among the Kurds. Its sole purpose is not military, and it has political purposes and wants to divide the Kurds,” he remarked.

“Iraq and the Kurdistan Region should condemn these attacks. The issue should be formally discussed with the Turkish consul. A special session should be held in the Kurdistan Region Parliament against the attacks of the Turkish state and the 2003 parliament decision to remove foreign forces from the Kurdistan territory should be implemented,” Mehmud concluded.