Rojava warns Turkey to stop its attacks

Rojava Cantons General Coordination said that it would not stay silent and take steps in the international arena on Turkish state’s attacks, and called upon Turkey to respect its neighbor relations with Rojava.

Rojava Cantons General Coordination issued a written statement on the crimes Turkish state forces have been committing in Rojava.

Rojava Cantons General Coordination stated that Syria has been open to violence despite their efforts to uphold peace and security in the region, and the Turkish state has been upsetting the coordination’s efforts to provide peace and security on the border between Rojava and Turkey.

The coordination described the Turkish state’s acts targeting Rojava’s residents from Afrin to the border with Iraq as inhumane, and noted that Turkish solider continue to capture, torture and kill civilians. The coordination recalled Turkish soldier’s numerous violation of the border, occupation of Rojava and shelling of self-defense forces. The coordination emphasized that Turkey allows terrorist groups to use the border but bombs civilian areas and kills hundreds of people from Cizîr, Afrîn and Kobanê cantons.


Rojava Cantons General Coordination stated that Turkey implements these policies as part of a broader plan, and purposefully defies the coordination’s call for respecting neighbor relations and securing the border. The coordination called upon Turkey to change its policies and start respecting neighbor relations.


Rojava Cantons General Coordination condemned the targeting of civilians in Rojava, and said that it would not stay silent in the face of attacks. Lastly, the coordination announced that it would bring the crimes of the Turkish state to the international arena, and call upon others to take a stance against Turkey’s hostilities.