Residents of Cizre: The state cannot take away our Kurdish identity

Residents of Cizre found their houses destroyed after the end of the curfew in the district. The residents’ stance, however, reflect the indestructible will of the people facing state brutality.

Residents of Cizre who migrated from the district during the curfew attacks continue to return to their homes as state forces pause their attacks during the day. After waiting for hours at checkpoints, residents rush to find their homes and many find nothing but rubbles. In Cudi neighborhood, where the clashes intensified, residents find their houses to be in rubbles or completely wiped away.

Ömer Aslan, a resident of Cudi neighborhood who had to leave his home on the 35th day of state attacks due to heavy artillery fires, expressed his shock and anger at the level of state forces’ destruction. Aslan stated that the majority of the houses and the furniture inside them were destroyed due to artillery attacks, and they did not know how to respond to state forces’ brutality which makes children cry whenever they see their destroyed homes.

Edibe Kurum said that she and her family left their home on the 37th day of the attacks, and they were currently living in the garden of one of their neighbors because their house was completely destroyed. Kurum expressed her anger at the state for its brutality, and said that what hurt them the most was the massacre of hundreds of people in basements.

Kurum stated that she and her family had little luck in their search for a house for rent, but would stay in Cizre and stand up for their identities and demands for freedom. Kurum said that state forces could destroy residents’ houses and take civilians’ lives, but could not take away their Kurdish identity.

Sezer Yalun stated that he and his family left their houses due to heavy artillery fire on the 45th day of the attacks, and found nothing but rubbles when they returned to Cizre. Yalun objected to state brutality and said that all of their belongings including cars were destroyed.

Adnan Narin is another resident of Cizre and said that he could not even find the rubbles of his destroyed house. Narin noted that the only terror one could find in Cizre was that of the state, and objected to the brutal destruction of Cizre’s destruction at the hands of barbaric soldiers and police officers.