Representatives of Shengal hold talks in Baghdad

A delegation of representatives from Shengal is holding a series of meetings with Iraqi officials in Baghdad, conveying the demands of the Shengal people and discussing political, administrative, security issues and the return of IDPs.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who will visit Baghdad on 22 April, continued his threats against South Kurdistan and Shengal before the meeting. Erdoğan's threats and the traffic of talks between Iraq and the Turkish state have raised concerns. A delegation from Shengal started a series of meetings to convey the concerns of the Yazidi people to the Iraqi authorities and to prevent new threats.

The delegation arrived in Baghdad on 18 April and held meetings with Qeys al-Xezeli, the leader of the Esayip Ehil al-Hak Movement, and Rayan al-Kildani, Secretary General of the Babylon Movement.

'Erdogan's visit is not in the interest of Iraq'

The main agenda items and the demands of the people of Shengal were discussed under several headings.

Representatives from the Shengal Tribes Council and the Shengal Religious Council, led by Mir Nayif Dawid Salman, met with Qeys El Xezeli, leader of the Esayip Ehil El Hak Movement. Mir Nayif presented the demands of the people of Shengal on behalf of the delegation. During the meeting, the delegation emphasised that Erdogan's visit is not in the interest of Iraq and demanded that the Iraqi airspace be closed to Turkish planes in order to stop the attacks on Shengal and the people of the region and to prevent the cooperation of the KDP, which facilitates the occupation of the Turkish state.

Regarding administrative issues, the delegation demanded that the '9 October Agreement' be cancelled, that the administration be elected by the people and that no one be allowed to interfere in the internal affairs of Shengal. Drawing attention to the conflicts between Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, the delegation emphasised that Yazidis should not be victims of these conflicts and that IDPs should return to their lands as soon as possible.

Regarding the appointment of a new Mir (Community leader among the Yazidis), the delegation pointed out Xelef Shengali's loyalty to a political party and that he does not represent the Yazidis.

On the other hand, Shengal National Component and Power Coordination held a meeting with Rayan El-Kildani, Secretary General of Babylon Movement. During the meeting with El-Kildani, PUK Shengal Officer Dawid Cindi conveyed the demands of the people and evaluated the situation in Shengal and Iraq.

The representatives of Shengal in Baghdad continue their talks. The delegation is expected to meet with many Iraqi officials. PADÊ Co-Chair Hüseyin Heci is also in the delegation.