Prison guard shoots teenager in the leg in the middle of the street

In Van, a 16-year-old has been shot in the leg by a prison guard in the middle of the street. "We were just playing," says the teenager.

A 16-year-old from Van has been shot in the leg by a prison guard in the central district of Tuşba. Earlier, the teenager had been beaten up by the warden in the middle of the street. Muhammed D. was staying with a group of friends to play in his residential neighborhood of Kalecik on Friday evening. The area is about three and a half kilometers from the M-type maximum security prison where Mahmut Ç. works as a warden.

"The man then approached us and said we could not do what we wanted here. We did not have the right to disturb him and others," told Muhammed D. The youth had replied that they were doing "nothing bad." "Thereupon, the man shouted that he was a boxer, and he gave me one punch after another. Later, he took out his gun and hit me on the head with the butt."

Despite the crowd that gathered at the scene in the wake of the incident, Mahmut Ç. shot the 16-year-old in the leg and then disappeared, he said. Muhammed D. has been in a hospital since the evening, and his father has since filed charges against the guard. It is unclear whether the man has already been arrested.