PKK: The Kurdish people are resisting the most vile conspiracy in history

PKK Executive Committee called the February 15 international conspiracy as the “most vile attack in history and the day of the Kurdish genocide”.

PKK (Kurdistan Worker's Party) Executive Committee has issued a written statement on the February 15 conspiracy against the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and condemned the conspiracy powers once more.

PKK stated that the AKP-MHP are looking to continue on the conspiracy and stressed that the outcome of the referendum on April 16 should be “No”.

The PKK Executive Committee statement says: “We are entering year 19 in the February 15, 1999 international conspiracy against the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish people in his person and the great freedom struggle against it. We strongly condemn the conspiracy in question that is one of the most vile and inhumane attacks in history defined as the ‘day of the Kurdish genocide’.”


Stating that Abdullah Öcalan has displayed the greatest free human resistance in history against the system of torture and severe isolation in İmralı for the last 18 years, the PKK statement included the following: “We salute this libertarian stance and heroic resistance. We remember with respect and gratitude our heroic martyrs who defended Leader Apo and the Kurdish freedom with the motto ‘You can’t darken our Sun’ by creating a ring of fire around Leader Abdullah Öcalan in the fight against the conspiracy. In the 19th year of the fight against the conspiracy, we repeat our promise to realize their purpose and their longings.

As it is known, the international conspiracy launched by the forces of the global capitalist modernity on October 9, 1998 and turned into a pirate abduction on February 15, 1999 aimed for the annihilation of Abdullah Öcalan, thus disbanding the Kurdistan Freedom Movement and completing the Kurdish genocide through these. Looking back 18 years later, we see that this aim has not been fulfilled, and that the international conspiracy has been voided and rendered unsuccessful. In the 18 years that have passed, dozens of the attack plans of the international conspiracy have been voided. Leader Apo, our Freedom Movement and our Patriotic People have come together and found the right ways and methods to fight against the conspiracy to valiantly defy it, thus voiding this most vile, most inhumane and anti-freedom attack.”


PKK Executive Committee statement continued with the following analyses on Öcalan’s resistance in İmralı:

“When we look back at these 18 years, we see that in his great freedom resistance, Leader Abdullah Öcalan has realized the Third Leadership Rebirth and has reached a level of showing the way to freedom and emancipation to all the oppressed, primarily women, with the Defenses he has developed. We again see that the Kurdish people and all the oppressed, women first, have gathered around Leader Apo and have created the greatest socialization in history on this basis. Not only has the Kurdistan Freedom Movement not been disbanded, in the 18 years that have passed, it has grown and grown, creating the Rojava Freedom Revolution and leading the freedom resistance against ISIS fascism to become the greatest force of freedom and democracy in the Middle East and the world. And in this basis, we say that the conspiracy has been defeated and freedom has prevailed. We see that the Kurdish people, the women, the youth and all the oppressed have won.

As it is known, the international conspiracy attack on Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish people was organized by the US, carried out on basis of an alliance of the US, the UK and Israel, and many states, including Egypt, Syria, Iran, Greece, Germany, France and Russia, have been used in this attack. Therefore, all these states are partners in the İmralı torture of 18 years and the Kurdish massacres carried out on this basis. Under their responsibility, the Kurds, one of the most ancient peoples in history, are being subjected to a genocide and the crime of genocide is being committed in front of the whole world by the Republic of Turkey. With the 18th anniversary, we call on all these states to see their part in the conspiracy and the Kurdish genocide in motion on this basis, to refuse to comply with this crime against humanity any longer, to accept the Kurdish people’s free will and to object Turkey’s genocidal attacks.


For 18 years, all Kurdish people, primarily the women and the youth, and their allies have valiantly resisted the most vile attack of the international conspiracy. They have fought for the freedom of Kurds and all the oppressed by gathering around Leader Abdullah Öcalan. This historic fight for freedom has spread much stronger from Europe to Bashur, from Russia to Rojava, from Bakur to Rojhilat, all around Kurdistan and the world, with the motto “Freedom for Öcalan, Status for Kurdistan”. On the 18th anniversary, we condemn the international conspiracy and wholeheartedly salute all these struggles against this conspiracy waged in the line of free humanity and express our wishes for their success. To make the 19th year in the struggle against the conspiracy the year when the conspiracy is completely defeated and the İmralı prison system has been put in history’s trash, we call on all our people, our women and youth to fight stronger, and to turn wherever they are into grounds for resistance for the freedom of Leader Apo!

Today it is the AKP-MHP fascism that tries to continue this crime against humanity, the conspiracy, into present day. This fascist group has been reduced to tatters, like the conspiracy itself, and are trying to preserve power, continue the conspiracy and carry out the Kurdish genocide by resorting to the most vile massacres, as in the Sur and Cizre examples. Especially the enemy of the Kurds and the people, fascist chief Devlet Bahçeli leads these attacks, and there isn’t much to say on the character of these attacks. The Devlet Bahçeli-Tayyip Erdoğan duo are trying to restore the failing September 12 fascist dictatorship to keep this warring and genocidal system alive. To this end, they have proposed the referendum on April 16 to appropriate a legal cover for their practice of massacres. They want the people to approve their fascist massacres and monist nation state dictatorship.”


PKK pointed out the referendum to be held on April 16 in Turkey and said the following:

“It is clear that an outcome of ‘Yes’ in the April 16 referendum will mean the approval of the Devlet Bahçeli-Tayyip Erdoğan fascist dictatorship, the massacres and genocidal attacks in Kurdistan, the political genocide operations and the fascist oppression, exploitation and terror all over Turkey. Then, to put a stop to all these, to rid ourselves of the war, massacres and genocide of the AKP-MHP fascism, to end all fascist oppression, exploitation and terror, to end the patriarchal fascist system’s harassment, rape and massacres against women, to make Kurdistan free and Turkey democratic and livable, the outcome of the April 16 referendum should be ‘No’. There is an opportunity to bury the September 12 fascism and the AKP-MHP fascism in history.

On this basis, we call on all Kurds, and all peoples of Turkey, women, Alevis and workers, all the oppressed and the exploited, all anti-AKP-MHP forces, HDP and ÖDP, all dynamic social groups and the youth to organize the ‘No to AKP-MHP fascism’ campaign for the April 16 referendum and to bury the fascist dictatorship!”