PKK: Let's fill the squares on Newroz!

The PKK calls for this year's Newroz to be celebrated under the slogan “End Isolation, Fascism and Occupation - Time for Freedom”.

The Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) calls for this year's Newroz to be celebrated under the slogan of the initiative “End Isolation, Fascism and Occupation - Time for Freedom” launched to demand the liberation of Abdullah Öcalan. On 21 March Kurds celebrate Newroz and the rebellion of the poor blacksmith Kawa who stood up to the tyrannical ruler Dehak. As the legend goes, it was Kawa who organized the resistance against the tyranny of King Dehak and the people from the oppression freed.

The PKK said in its statement: “Be aware of Newroz plays a crucial role in protecting the existence of the Kurdish people and their passion for freedom. Leader Abdullah Öcalan revived this awareness of freedom by laying the foundations of the PKK in the 1973 Newroz. Mazlum Doğan established Kawa's modern resistance in 1982 by defeating the colonialism of the Turkish state. On this basis, the guerrilla forces fighting under the leadership of Commander Mahsum Korkmaz showed the reality of the revolting people."

It has been 47 years since Öcalan's revolt began, the PKK explains in its Newroz message. For four decades the spirit of Newroz has been resisting modern tyranny. The reality of what the Kurdish movement achieved during this time is also shown in this year of struggle. “As a party and guerrilla, as women and youth, as a people and forces of democracy that have come together to embrace the Imrali resistance brought about by Leader Öcalan, our goal is to smash the AKP / MHP fascism, end Turkish occupation wherever it reigns and gain our freedom - including the physical liberation of Abdullah Öcalan. We are willing, organized, prepared and determined and we are sure to win."

While the Kurdish people and the liberation movement were looking forward to a new Newroz, anti-Kurdish forces, especially in Shengal and Rojava, were looking for new provocations. “On the one hand, - said the PKK - they are trying to forge new alliances. On the other hand, they are increasing military pressure and announcing new threats. They believe that in this way they can instil fear into our people, who have so far been self-defending themselves against any attack. They will not succeed; our people will always stand up for their freedom. With this in mind, we greet the resistance of the people in Shengal and Rojava and wish them a happy Newroz. They should know that we will always stand by them."

Commenting on North Kurdistan and Turkey, the PKK declared that after Turkey’s defeat in Gare, the AKP / MHP fascism expanded its “genocidal terror” with all its power in order to subdue the peoples and silence democratic politics. “But there, too, it is the women and young people in the frontline of struggle who oppose the fascist-genocidal attacks and lead the 'Time for Freedom' offensive to victory. We wish our people, the peoples of Turkey, our friends of the HBDH all the best for this Newroz and call on them to expand the united revolutionary struggle against fascism."

While the PKK also celebrates the Newroz of all people in the Middle East and worldwide who are united in solidarity with the Kurdish people and the guerrillas, it cautions forces that, guided by self-interest, expand their support for the anti-Kurdish policies of the Turkish government and are partners in crimes carried out against the Kurdish people. “Our movement and our people are attacked with the support of these forces for primitive economic and political interests. We call on these circles to respect the will of our people and their demand for freedom.

The fascist-genocidal forces and their imperialist masters will not be able to stop the liberation struggle of our people, no matter how many attacks they carry out against us. Our resistance will reach a new peak at Newroz. In all four parts of Kurdistan and in the diaspora, the people and friends will be unstoppable and fill the squares this Newroz to demand the health, safety and freedom of Leader Öcalan. With this determination we wish all those who take part in the liberation struggle a happy Newroz, first and foremost women and young people, and invite them, no matter where they are, to fill the squares."