PKK: Attacks on Rojava and Shengal will be retaliated in kind

PKK stressed that: “April 24's attacks on Shengal and Rojava that came after the Jarablus-al-Bab invasion grant the PKK the right to be present and struggle everywhere against AKP-MHP fascism.”

PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) Executive Council released a statement regarding the Turkish airstrikes on Rojava and Shengal.

The statement by PKK said:

“After facing a 'No' from Turkey's peoples in April 16's referendum, the AKP-MHP fascist dictatorship conducted airstrikes on our people's sacred place Shengal and Rojava Kurdistan -the vanguard and fortress of resistance against ISIS fascism- at April 24 night, and struck the positions of YBŞ and HPG and the YPG-YPJ headquarters with warplanes.

To begin with, we commemorate with respect all those martyred in this savage fascist attack, and state that they will be avenged and the fascist murderers will be retaliated in kind."


Remarking that such an attack cannot be carried out without the knowledge and approval of global and regional powers, PKK said the followings:

"Indeed, the fascist AKP officials stated that the attack in question was carried out within the knowledge of the U.S., European Union, Russia and KDP. When this is the case, we call on all related parties to make their stance clear and to declare who they side with; either with Tayyip Erdoğan-Devlet Bahçeli fascist dictatorship or Democratic Turkey and Free Kurdistan. Do they side with the terror and massacres of the AKP-MHP fascist dictatorship or the democratic strıggle of peoples? Do they side with al-Qaeda and ISIS, or the Kurdish people's freedom and democracy struggle against all manners of fascist genocidal system? It is no more possible to be caught in the middle and play both sides."


PKK made the following evaluations regarding the goal pursued with the attack;

"The goal of the AKP-MHP fascism's attack on Shengal and Qereçox is quite obvious. The attack was conducted on April 24, at the 102nd anniversary of the Armenian genocide and thus it aims to continue and finalize the genocide started by the Union and Progress (İttihat ve Terakki) administration. The attack came after the rejection by Turkey's peoples of the Tayyip Erdoğan-Devlet Bahçeli dictatorship in April 16's referendum, and it therefore aims to disguise this result, draw all attention to outside and crush the developing anti-fascist popular movement by creating an environment of war. The attack was carried out at a time when the ISIS fascism is facing an overall defeat in Raqqa and Mosul, thus it is meant to protect the ISIS fascism and obstruct its defeat."


PKK pointed out that the Shengal attack was a new case starting a new struggle process and that it aimed to continue and finalize the Êzidi massacre by ISIS as it targeted the HPG, YJA-Star and YBŞ forces that saved Êzidi Kurdish people through resistance against the ISIS fascism's genocide started on August 3, 2014.

The statement by PKK continued as follows: "This attack is a continuation of the 3 August 3 and 3 March attacks. Considering themselves to be the world's warden, AKP officials say "We will not allow Shengal become a second Qandil". However, it is not fascist AKP dictators but the people of Shengal that will decide on Shengal. The people of Shengal have already made it clear that they want to live freely on the basis of democratic autonomy. Today, Êzidî Kurds receive the attention and support of the entire humanity. Therefore, the Kurdish people and free humanity will never forgive the fascist-genocidal aggression on Shengal.

The attack on Northern Syria Federation targeted the YPG-YPJ headquarters in Qereçox area of Rojava Kurdistan. The YPG-YPJ forces targeted in this attack are a symbol of freedom that are enshrined in the heart of Kurdish, Syrian, Middle Eastern peoples and free humanity as the self-sacrificing leaders of the struggle against ISIS fascism over the past four years. It became the common freedom headquarters of young women and men coming from all around the world-from America to Canada, from Britain to Germany- to fight the ISIS fascism. For this reason, the attack on YPG-YPJ headquarters is an attack on Rojava Kurdistan, Democratic Syria and free humanity. These forces will not forgive the AKP-MHP fascism's attack and they will defeat it just like they defeated the ISIS attack on Kobanê through a joint struggle. YPG-YPJ and Democratic Syria forces have now attained the right to mount every resistance against the AKP-MHP fascism. We trust that these freedom forces will know to retaliate the AKP-MHP fascism's attack and fight until they have rendered the invading fascist forces unable to conduct similar attacks."


The PKK statement continued with the following comments on KDP's attitude towards the attacks;

"At this point, KDP has an attention-grabbing position and needs to make its approach clear. Following the AKP-MHP fascism's attack that also targeted peshmergas, statements on behalf of KDP argued that attacks were carried out because of PKK's presence and that PKK must leave Shengal.

It obviously makes no sense to not tell the cruel and aggressor "Stop, don't do it" but to say "Why do you exist, the attack is a result of your existence" to the aggrieved side under attack. This will only result in the strengthening of the cruel.

On the other hand, one would wonder if the KDP administration, which was informed about the attack beforehand, approved the AKP-MHP fascism's attack on Shengal in order to urge the PKK's withdrawal from Shengal. This question requires an answer and explanation before the public opinion.

Let's suppose that the AKP-MHP fascism attacks the PKK presence. Then what does the PKK presence there mean? It is obviously an expression of Kurdish existence and freedom. The AKP-MHP administration already states clearly that attacks on PKK are aimed against the Kurdish existence and freedom. In that case, what does KDP's presence mean? Where does the KDP stand in the existence and freedom of the Kurds?"

It is explicit that the statements made by AKP and KDP following the savage attack on Shengal and Rojava are a part of the psychological war and these mean to break the will of the Kurdish people and their allies. Yet, the AKP-MHP fascism that is conducting this attack is being through the weakest time of their history. Tayyip Erdoğan and Devlet Bahçeli dictatorship is isolated in all areas and have remarkably lost strength. Following April 16's referendum, the peoples of Turkey want this fascist administration to resign, and they will continue their democratic resistance until the fall of this government. The Kurdish people that achieve unity in all aspects will continue to lead the resistance in question."


The statement by PKK Executive Council continued with the following: "These fascist attacks are savage and wild, and are the consequence of a significant weakness and collapse. Therefore, conditions for the accomplishment of the resistance against fascism are more matured than ever. On this basis, we call on our people in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad, and all patriotic Kurdish organizations to unite and give a joint struggle against the AKP-MHP fascism, which is also the force behind the ISIS fascism. We call on all our people in all areas to take to the streets against AKP-MHP fascism and to bring down fascism."


PKK underlined that: "Everyone should know this truth: April 24's attacks on Shengal and Rojava that came after the Jarablus-al-Bab invasion grant the PKK the right to be present and struggle everywhere against AKP-MHP fascism. The great attention and sensitivity manifested by PKK so far has not been reciprocated and international powers have not stood against the fascist Turkish forces' de facto invasion of Syria and Iraq. From now on, HPG and YJA-Star forces will be present everywhere they deem necessary, and they will fight against ISIS and AKP-MHP fascism in all areas. Wherever fascism exists, PKK will be there and always join the resistance against fascism at a leading level.

On this basis, we once again commemorate the Shengal and Qereçox martyrs with respect and gratitude, and we call on all our people and democratic humanity to unite around Shengal and Rojava resistance against ISIS and AKP-MHP fascism, and to enhance the struggle for Democratic Middle East and Free Kurdistan."