People in Raqqa countryside take refuge in safe areas

As the 'Operation Wrath of Euphrates' for the liberation of Raqqa continues, the locals that manage to flee ISIS in the operation zone are taking refuge in safe areas.

The 'Operation Wrath of Euphrates' launched by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and People's /Women's Defense Units (YPG/YPJ) to liberate Raqqa city from ISIS occupation continues at full force.

The advance made by 'Wrath of Euphrates Action Room' fighters is also giving hope to the locals who have been living under ISIS atrocity for years now. In the areas where operational forces are making advances, villagers around Raqqa have started to take shelter in the territory held by fighters.

'Wrath of Euphrates Action Room' fighters are welcoming these civilians and helping them settle in safe areas in addition to meeting their urgent needs such as water and food.

The groups taking shelter by fighters after days of a walk or drive include locals from the village of Diwelh. One of these locals  stated that ISIS militants targeted their villages and houses with bombs as they fled home towards liberated areas.

The villager highlights great happiness over their liberation, and thanks the fighters, saying: "We always knew that you would come".