One killed, 10 wounded in KDP forces' attack on civilians in Shengal

One civilian was killed and 10 others were wounded as KDP forces opened fire on civilians who marched to their positions in protest at their attack on Shengal land.

Early Tuesday morning, thousands from Rojava and Shengal's villages as well as Syriac locals have started to march to the positions of KDP-affiliated groups near Shengal's Khanasor town.

The KDP groups stopped the people and blocked their way with armored vehicles as they were about to reach the positions.

While the people insisted to continue their march to the positions, chanting slogans and expressing strong criticism in the face of the attacks, the gang groups started to open fire on the crowd.

Free Êzidî Women's Movement (TAJE) assembly member Nazê Naif Qaval has lost her life in the attack while 10 others were injured, including 2 who were wounded by bullet shots and 8 with gas grenades. The wounded were taken under treatment at the hospital in Khanasor.