Newroz celebrations in Kirkuk

The people celebrate Newroz in the Shiwesur area in Kirkuk.

Following days of preparations, the people of Kirkuk gathered today in the Shiwesur area to celebrate Newroz. The day is celebrated with the motto, “With the Sheladize spirit, tear down fascism and build national unity” under the lead of Tevgera Azadi.

Representatives from the ethnic groups in Kirkuk and a large crowd gathered in the Newroz grounds.

Hundreds in the Newroz grounds chanted, “Biji Berxwedana Leyla Guven”, “Biji Berxwedana Zindana”, “Biji Serok Apo” and “Biji Gerila”.

There are speeches and reading of messages scheduled in the celebrations.

Koma Dicle, Rotinda, Hani, Berhem Shemami, Koma Efrin and Kirkuk’s local artists are going to give concerts.