New guerrilla model to be created in 2019

People’s Defense Center Headquarters Command issued a new years’ message for the command and fighter structure and promised to create a victory guerrilla and a new guerrilla model. The Command warned that the war will escalate in 2019.

The People’s Defense Center (HSM) Headquarters Command issued a written statement and pointed out the dangers and the resolve to fight in 2019.

The Command said, “Looking at general developments, it can be seen that the war in our region will escalate further.”

HSM Headquarters Command added: “Because there is no project to end this war and resolve the issues that have made the peoples of the region suffer so.”

The message continued:

“There is only the solution project that Leader Apo has put forth. Turkish colonialism and global colonialism as well as international hegemonic powers fear the democratic nation solution persective that proposes fraternity among peoples, women’s emancipation, freedom and democracy so they stage attacks through the fascist Turkish state.


The Turkish state has imposed great terrorism and violence against the peoples of the region under the guise of fighting terrorism, and as long as this stance remains, all attempts to end the war and develop a solution will fall flat. Because we are faced with a president who enjoys massacring Kurds, uses this as a boasting point for propaganda every day in rallies, riles up chauvinism in Turkey through openly legitimizing attacks and terrorism and uses head hunting as a tool to gain votes. Clearly this is not a president, but a gang leader. Without removing all effects of this fascist mindset that wants to prolong their rule through bloodshed and bases its existence on blood, it will clearly be impossible to stop the war in Kurdistan, Turkey or the region in general, or develop peace and fraternity.


That is why, as it can be seen, the war will escalate in our region and our country Kurdistan in 2019. It can be seen already that our movement and our people will be waging a rough struggle in Bakur, Bashur and Rojava againt the fascist and racist Ankara regime. Clearly there are hardships we are experiencing, but under any circumstances, when approaching the matter with Leader Apo’s illuminating and resolving philosophy, it is clear that there will always be conditions for victory. The opportunities and conditions for us to achieve victory in this struggle are more available than ever before. This fascist and colonialist mindset is trying to do in Rojava what they failed to do in 2018, and is planning attacks. This means the whole of Kurdistan entering a new phase in the war. This clearly shows that a great historic resistance by our people will be on the agenda not just in Rojava but throughout Kurdistan against Turkish colonialism.


We as the Kurdistan People’s Defense Forces will be ascertaining the success of the war to the extent that we develop a new, contemporary and professional guerrilla sytem that can stand against any and all attacks including the latest technology in warfare and achieve results in all areas within the framework of restructuring efforts that we have focused on extensively for some time now.

In this matter, the fundamental agenda for all you comrades should be to internalize and essentialize the new guerrilla line and system in educational activities within the framework of restructuring. Handling the deep rooted change that needs to happen within the guerrilla from a mental standpoint and having absolute faith in achieving the contemporary guerrilla style, as well as focusing at full force with this faith are a must. We must believe that we will ascertain victory to the extent that we develop the new guerrilla model and focus during these first days of the new year on the professional guerrilla. It is important we go deep and actualize the deep rooted change. It is important to create a professional guerrilla level that will achieve results through tactical and technological performance. If we complete the focus of the last two years with a summit in these days, it will become possible for us to develop the coming process with a brand new guerrilla struggle and an operational lunge, and to succeed.


Today the way to respond correctly to the hunger strikes in and outside prisons launched by revolutionary leaders is through creating the victory guerrilla. We must know that this will be possible within the framework we stated, in line with the restructuring project, and through creating an ideological, organizational and military focus and the creation of a new guerrilla model. We must approach our revolutionary duty correctly as such. The message hunger strikes give us in reaching such a moving force is that the victory guerrilla must be created for certain. We will vitalize the new guerrilla line that we have had on the agenda and have focused on for a while now and be a response to the expectations of our Leader, our people and our allies. We wish victory to you with this faith and salute you with all our revolutionary enthusiasm, respect and love in the new year’s struggle.”