Latest in Shengal and Makhmur

KDP forces have turned over Shengal and Makhmur to Hashd al-Shaabi forces as well, after Kirkuk. Reports say KDP has reached a deal with Baghdad to withdraw to the 2003 borders.

Following their attacks on Kirkuk yesterday, the Iraqi army and Hashd al-Shaabi forces turned towards the area from Makhmur and Bakırme to Shengal today.

According to local sources, the Iraqi government gave the peshmerga forces until midnight last night to leave the area between Dubiz, Makhmur and Shengal that the KDP peshmergas entered after the war with ISIS in 2014.


KDP peshmergas have reportedly evacuated the Makhmur town, Bakırme, Guwer and Shengal last night and withdrew to pre-2014 borders.

Reports say there is just one police unit left in the Makhmur town, and that most of the residents have left their homes and went to Hewlêr.


The residents of the Makhmur Refugee Camp have not left.


Reports say KDP Peshmergas have left all the areas under their control, including Shengal city center and the Sinune sub-district, and Hashd al-Shaabi forces have settled in these areas.

HPG guerrillas and YBŞ forces have formed a line of defense in Shengal and are holding on to their positions.

KDP-PUK have withdrawn to pre-2014 borders in Kirkuk and Makhmur and to pre-2003 borders in Shengal.