KNK continues tour of talks for national unity

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) continues diplomatic talks with Kurdish political parties in all four parts of Kurdistan for the establishment of national unity, and met with PAK party in this scope yesterday.

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) delegation visited the Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK) yesterday in continuation of the diplomatic talks with political parties from all four parts of Kurdistan, in order for the establishment of a joint platform to discuss Kurdish national unity.

The KNK delegation made up of KNK Deputy Co-chair Tahir Kemelizade, KNK Council member Kamûran Berwarî and KNK members Firyad Hiranî and Ferhat Doskî was welcomed by PAK chairman Huseyîn Yezdanpene and PAK Council members at the party's headquarter in Hewler. Following the one and a half hour meeting, a statement was given to the press by Kemalîzade and Yezdanpene.

Yezdanpene opened the press statement, stressing the importance they attach to the meeting. Yezdanpene said: "The meeting was very positive and productive. Our friends from the KNK explained us their programme, whereupon we added some proposals. Issues of national scopes need indeed to be discussed in national councils, assemblies and national platforms, rather than within the frame of parties. We are honored to be able to assist in this task."

The day before, the KNK delegation had met the head of Eastern Kurdistan Labour Organisation, Babê Şêx, and its Council members. The Labour Organisation declared thereafter as well, their full commitment to the establishment of national unity.


After issuing a call for a joint platform to reinstate efforts for a national congress, the KNK started its diplomatic meetings on June 12, and met one by one these parties by now: The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), the Movement for Change (Gorran), Komala Islamic Party, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iraq), the Kurdistan Laborers Party (Hizbî Zehmetkêşan), the Yekgirtu Islamic Party, the Kurdistan Communist Party, the Bizûtneweyî İslami, the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), the People of Kurdistan Democratic Movement (Bizûtneweyî Demokrasi Gelê Kurdistan), the Kurdistan Democratic National Unity Party (YNDK), Tevgera Azadi, the Iranian Kurdistan Revolutionary and Workers Party - Komala, the Iran Communist Party - Komala and Eastern Kurdistan Democratic Society Congress (KODAR), Democratic Societies Congress (KCD), Democratic Regions' Party (DBP) and both wings of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran).


After the meetings with political parties and civil organisations in all four parts of Kurdistan have been completed, the KNK intends to hold a platform with approximately 250-400 attendants in mid July, where the discussions for national unity will take its beginning.