KDP deploys troops and armored vehicles to Heftanin

The KDP in Southern Kurdistan, which collaborates with Turkey, is deploying troops to Heftanin. The troop deployment represents a new provocation against the guerrillas.

The KDP deploys troop contingents and armored vehicles to the village of Banikê in the Heftanîn region. Apparently, the KDP is attempting to bring the areas around Banikê and Pirbula under its control. There, the Turkish occupation forces entrenched on hills repeatedly fall behind the guerrillas who control the terrain and become the target of attacks. South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP wants to stand by the occupiers.

So far, despite attacks and ambushes, the guerrillas have tried to avoid skirmishes with the KDP to prevent an internal Kurdish war. Turkey has a vested interest in such a war, as it would significantly strengthen its position of power.