KCK calls to step up struggle to ensure freedom for Öcalan

On his 71st birthday it is necessary to recall what Rêber Apo means for Kurds, women, peoples and all humanity once again and raise the struggle for freedom of such a leader, said KCK.

KCK Executive Council co-presidency issued a written statement on the occasion of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan's birthday (on 4 April). 

The KCK said: "We congratulate Rêber Apo's 71st birthday. We wish many years of struggle and freedom to our Leader, who devotes every moment of his life to the people and humanity."


The statement added: "Rêber Apo (Leader Öcalan) was born from a mother. This birth is also the birth of a deep and comprehensive history and cultural accumulation. Kurdistan freedom struggle is the most difficult freedom struggle in history. In this territory, struggle and survival against the enemies of freedom and democracy have been led by Öcalan. If the person giving this struggle lives in a territory with historical, social and cultural depth and scope, it will certainly grow even more. As a matter of fact, Rêber Apo has become the leader of freedom and democracy not only for the Kurdish people but also for the Middle East and all of humanity."

The statement continued: "Rêber Apo's life is completely devoted to the freedom of the Kurdish people. Being the leader of the freedom struggle of the Kurdish people has brought about development and strength in all respects. It has deepened ideologically and theoretically and enabled the peoples of the Middle East and humanity to develop the paradigm that would ensure a free and democratic life.

To learn about the life of Rêber Apo, the Kurdish people's struggle for freedom and democracy, how to be a leader of the people means to learn how a people's rebirth takes place. In this respect, the birth of Rêber Apo means in some way the rebirth of the Kurdish people. The birth of Rêber Apo also means the rebirth of the woman who created the neolithic society and developed the sociality and provided the existence of humanity with great values. Rêber Apo developed the women's freedom thoughts and ideology as a requirement of respect for the lands he was born, the respect for the woman who created the sociality in these lands. This is why women celebrate Rêber Apo's birthday the most."

The KCK sai: "We understood better the importance of the birth of Rêber Apo when we are dealing with the coronavirus emergency. Rêber Apo has done a great service to humanity by analyzing and criticizing capitalism, industrialism and modernity, and developing the paradigm that will create an alternative.

Rêber Apo has comprehensively revealed that disasters such as coronavirus will emerge, therefore, capitalism, industrialism and modernity must be overcome. He emphasized that these disasters brought humanity into the service of capitalism and revealed the dangers posed by scientism for humanity."


The KCK ended its remarks with the following call: "On his 71st birthday it is necessary to recall what Rêber Apo means for Kurds, women, peoples and all humanity once again and raise the struggle for freedom of such a leader.

In this respect, we call on women, young people, all the peoples of Turkey, all anti-capitalist and democratic socialist, to raise the fight for Rêber Apo freedom. We urge you to give an impetus to human freedom and democracy struggle. Everyone should show their stance against capitalism by planting saplings on 4 April as a symbol of the ecological stance of our leader."