KCK calls for the enhancement of the struggle promptly

KCK said Erdoğan and his team couldn't bear losing the elections and thus started seeking new plans after their both domestic and foreign policy collapsed.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency has released a statement regarding the airstrikes conducted by the Turkish army against guerrilla zones since last night.

KCK recalled that the Turkish state had unilaterally ended the ceasefire already, which was in effect since 2013 Newroz, by continuing the aggravated isolation on Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and the construction of military outposts, dams and roads for military purposes, murdering a number of people and implementing mass arrests. The statement pointed out that with the most recent mass arrests and airstrikes that also targeted many civilian settlements, the Turkish state has carried the long-lasting aggression policies to a new level and a total warfare.

"Despite coinciding with a process of relations with the U.S. and reactions to the Suruç massacre, these attacks are actually the practice of Tayyip Erdoğan and AKP government's policies that had been decided and planned yet before the elections", KCK said.

KCK recalled that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and AKP government had planned to win the June 7 elections through propaganda on the necessity of the presidential system after creating an environment of tension in the country, adding that the peoples of Turkey, however, failed these plans and policies that would enable Erdoğan to get more authoritarian, ended the 13-year-old AKP ruling and blocked the ways for it to come to the power alone.

According to KCK, Erdoğan and his team did never accept the election results and went into action to reverse them, pursuing another plan, an early election, by once again creating tension and a perception of both internal and external threat.

Recalling Bülent Arınç's remarks that "hard days lie ahead of the terrorist organization on which we will inflict severe blows", and Erdoğan's remarks that "They shall either lay down arms or bear the consequences", KCK said that these words already revealed everything bare and was an open declaration of what was going to be done.

Commenting the Turkish airstrikes and mass arrests as a bare declaration of war, KCK said the attacks have been started because Turkey knew very well that the Kurdish Freedom Movement wouldn't remain silent to such attacks.

KCK ciriticized the policies and remarks imposing disarmament on the Kurdish freedom movement, stressing that this issue was brought to the agenda as a first thing while it should have been the last one to be discussed in the process of negotiations.

The policy pursued by Erdoğan and his team today is a repetition of the policies pursued by Tansu Çiller, Doğan Güreş and Mehmet Ağar in 90's, KCK said.


Pointing out that Erdoğan and his team was involved in a conspiracy against the peoples, KCK said Erdoğan and his team couldn't bear losing the elections and thus started seeking new plans after their both domestic and foreign policy collapsed.

KCK noted that the Suruç massacre has so far been discussed only as a means of elimination of the tension with the U.S. and the West, and conciliation with the U.S.

KCK said the Suruç massacre was the practice of MİT (Turkish Intelligence Service) Undersecretary's plans on preparing the ground for entering Syria after having several artillery fires opened from inside Syria.

"Suruç massacre was perpetrated for this purpose and Turkey has been engaged in certain conciliation with the U.S. over this massacre. The Turkish state, which has been walking arm in arm with the ISIS till yesterday, and is still pursuing the same policies with it, has started making an effort to have the U.S. by its side with regards to its own regional policies as a victim of ISIS, and in its attacks against the Kurdish Freedom Movement. The incidents at Kilis border were also planned and practiced to develop relations with the U.S. and to attain legitimacy for attacks against the Kurdish Freedom movement."

KCK also remarked that Turkey has felt a need to create a perception that it has severed its ties with the ISIS and is now standing against it after the exposure of its close relations with the ISIS and the difficulties it faced both inside and outside the country.

According to KCK, by means of this perception operation, the Turkish state now wants to manifest the ISIS and PKK-PYD as same and to set the stage for an attack on Rojava Revolution.


KCK stressed that Erdoğan and the AKP government were preparing for another election now and pursued a policy of sacrificing peoples in order to create tension and conflict to achieve this goal. The multi-directional adventurous policy it pursues today, and the war it has waged against the Kurdish Freedom Movement, are a manifestation of this truth, KCK noted.

KCK pledged that it will be Erdoğan and his team but not the peoples and democratic powers that will be weakened and defeated in this struggle.


Emphasising that Erdoğan and his team wanted to punish the peoples that caused their defeat in June 7 elections, KCK recalled government officials' words that "Those backed by terror and those supporting them will pay the price" which pointed the HDP and its supporters as a target after the elections.

Pointing to the already ongoing attacks and mass arrests against HDP members and democratic powers, KCK said it would be nothing but credulity to expect the AKP to abandon this approach of its.


KCK underlined that the only thing needed to be done by democratic forces today was to unite, enlarge their alliance and enhance the democracy and freedom struggle against the fascist gang mob of Erdoğan.

KCK remarked that this struggle would be carried to victory by means of democratization on the basis of Kurdish question's resolution and permanent peace rather than abstract remarks of peace without a political objective.

The objective must be the achievement of democratization and resolution of all problems in Turkey, KCK said, and underlined that the a united and joint struggle of all democratic forces in Turkey alongside the Kurdish Freedom Movement would be the key and guarantee of success over Erdoğan and his team.

KCK ended its statement by calling on peoples and democratic forces to enhance the struggle promptly.