KCK: Barzani's statements won’t benefit Kurd’s struggle for freedom

KCK issued a statement on Nechirvan Barzani’s remarks on Shengal and Rojava, and said “such statements will not benefit Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom in any way.”

KCK Foreign Relations Committee stated that South Kurdistan Federation President Nechirvan Barzani made unfair and inaccurate accusations during a speech he recently gave at a panel, and said “It is impossible to accept the remarks he made on Shengal and Rojava. It is unfortunate that such remarks were made in an environment with speakers from different countries. Such statements will not benefit Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom in any way, particularly now when national unity is needed the most.”

KCK emphasized that guerrillas saved Êzidîs from genocide with their resistance against ISIS, and did not take Shengal from peshmergas or the KDP.

Recalling that guerrillas prevented ISIS from conquering entire Shengal and enabled peshmergas to enter Shengal, KCK noted that guerrillas also helped Êzidîs in Shengal to establish their self-governance and self-defense, and Shengal Self-Defense Units (YBŞ) is currently defending Shengal.

The statement pointed out that Êzidîs in Shengal have an assembly and a system of self-governance, and all political parties should direct their remarks to the self-governance and self-defense units in the city. KCK noted that ignoring the self-governance and self-defense units in Shengal and only mentioning the PKK is manipulative.

“Statements such as 'Aid cannot be delivered to Shengal and civilians cannot return as long as the PKK remains there' are part of the South Kurdistan administration’s attempt to disguise its negative policies, and it is this administration that prevents the flow of aid and civilians into the city. Such policies are implemented without the approval of the other parties in the South Kurdistan administration”, stressed the statement.


KCK Foreign Relations Committee pointed out that KDP has besieged Shengal and placed an embargo, continuing with the following evaluations: “Flow of aid into Shengal is prevented and committees are not allowed to enter the city. The embargo is partially carried out through the closure of Sêmalka border gate which doesn't allow any delivery of aid to Shengal over Rojava Kurdistan. The administration of Southern Kurdistan should end its siege and embargo immediately.”

KCK noted that YBŞ and self-governance organs have nothing to do with the prevention of flow of aid into Shengal, and denied the statements of Nechirvan Barzani in this regard.

The statement said the Southern Kurdistan administration’s intimidation of those that want to deliver aid into Shengal, as opposed to encouraging these people, is unacceptable and the president should call upon everyone to help Êzidî people in Shengal instead.

KCK added: “Nechirvan Barzani should hold his party responsible for the prevention of Êzidîs from returning to their lands. KDP peshmergas and officials are in Shengal just like the YBŞ and Êzidî self-governance organs. Blaming the PKK and ignoring this reality is a cheap approach.”


KCK emphasized that the KDP constantly creates tensions in Shengal, and scares the people of Shengal with the Turkish state in order to force the YBŞ and self-governance organs to surrender. KCK continued: “Êzidî people do not want to return to the pre-August 3 period. The lack of self-defense and self-governance enabled the genocide. KDP is trying to recreate the pre-August 3 scenario which brought Êzidîs to the brink of a genocide. If there are problems regarding the return of Êzidîs to Shengal, they are caused by the KDP’s impositions and the blackmail of a possible Turkish state attack on the region. Êzidîs do not see any guarantees in a Shengal with no self-defense and self-governance. Therefore, civilians will return to Shengal if the KDP declares that it will support the self-defense and self-governance of Êzidîs in Shengal.”

KCK Foreign Relations Committee stated that nobody could blame the PKK and the guerrillas with preventing Êzidî people from returning to Shengal, and recalled that guerrillas enabled Êzidîs to remain in the city as it played a historic role in the liberation of the city from ISIS. The statement also noted that 15 thousand Êzidîs stayed in Mount Shengal under the protection of the YBŞ and guerrillas, and with the help of the Rojava Revolution, and thus played an important role in the protection of Shengal as the land of Êzidîs.

KCK emphasised that besieging and placing an embargo on Shengal, and threatening the YBŞ and self-governance organs with the possible attack of Turkey so that they surrender, is not acceptable politically or morally. KCK noted that Nechirvan Barzani has been accusing the PKK in order to enforce the KDP’s policies and recreate the conditions prior to August 3, 2014.


The statement by KCK Foreign Relations Committee continued as follows:

“The duty that falls on Bashurê Kurdistan Administration Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani and the KDP is to solve the issues in Shengal not through blackmail and threats but directly with Êzidîs’ mechanisms of self government. Shengal shouldn’t be a battleground for sovereignty for KDP, PKK or any other force. The duty for both KDP and PKK and all other Kurdish political forces is to achieve Êzidî self government and self defense there. No Êzidî force, society or circles should be excluded in Shengal, a common assembly and self defense should be created with support from KDP, PKK, PUK and all political forces.

What is needed isn’t reciprocal blackmail, threats and challenges over Shengal, but coming together and building a system of self government and self defense so the Êzidîs won’t experience another genocide. When Kurdish political parties put forth this approach, all Kurds, the UN, the EU, all international forces and institutions will also support Shengal’s autonomy, self government and self defense. Being the guarantor of the Êzidî people’s autonomous life and self defense is a duty given by history, humanity and morality to Kurdish political forces, the UN, the EU and all international institutions so that the Êzidîs don’t experience another genocide.


Mr. Nechirvan Barzani’s comments on Rojava don’t reflect the truth. The Rojava Revolution was created by the people of Rojava Kurdistan. Undoubtedly, the region being one where Leader Apo stayed and worked for 20 years, the revolution has been in line with Leader Apo’s ideology. Considering the Rojava Revolution as a revolution directly led by the PKK is unfair to the people of Rojava. Some of the cadres who created the Rojava Revolution being former PKK members doesn’t change this fact. Because as thousands of Rojavan youth joined and fought within the Kurdish Freedom Movement, so have thousands of Rojhilati and Bashurê Kurdistani youth. Without a doubt, we support the Rojava Revolution. As the smallest part of Kurdistan, there is a responsibility for not just us but all political forces and all of the peoples of Kurdistan to support the Rojava Revolution.

The counter-propaganda on the Rojava Revolution is made by the Turkish state. Mr. Nechirvan Barzani’s comments on the Rojava Revolution can be heard every day coming from the officials and spin-doctors of the AKP government. Mr. Nechirvan Barzani thinking of the Rojava Revolution in the same line as the Turkish state officials is not right, while the peoples of the world consider the Rojava Revolution an exemplary revolution for democracy and freedom. Mr. Nechirvan Barzani or other Kurdish political forces and persons can have criticisms for the Rojava Revolution. But making negative comments like “PKK wants to be legitimized over Rojava, the Rojava Revolution will not be legitimized and it will lose” doesn’t suit the esteemed personality of Mr. Barzani.

PKK is a legitimate organization that wages the struggle for freedom for the Kurdish people. Thus, it doesn’t have a concern or an issue for legitimization over Rojava. Our only wish is for the Rojava Revolution to succeed and thus all Kurdish people, including in Bashurê Kurdistan, to be stronger.”


KCK said they have always supported the unity of the political parties in Rojava, the free organization and political mobilization of all parties that accept the Asayish and security measures of Rojava Revolution, and the resolution of the problems among parties through democratic principles. KCK noted that they have always expressed support for unity among the organizations in Rojava and the joint effort of these organizations to participate in the political, social and economical life in the region, and recalled that the efforts with the KDP on this issue continue.

Emphasizing that such unexpected remarks have a negative impact during a period when there are meeting with the KDP on the problems in Shengal and Rojava, KCK called upon all parties to be more careful and constructive in their approach and statements.

Lastly, KCK noted that what forced it to make this statement was that Nechirvan Barzani made his negative remarks during a panel where speakers from several other countries were present.