KCDK-E: “Shengal is under threat, we call on everyone to take to the streets”

KCDK-E stated that "Shengal is under the threat of invasion by KDP! We are calling on everyone to take to the streets as of now."

In a written statement released on Saturday, the European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) Co-Presidency Council said the following:

"The invading Turkish state has brought the KDP back onto the stage! The KDP is preparing to invade Shengal.

The invading Turkish state re-put into practice the agreement between the Iraqi government and the KDP aimed at occupying Shengal, and the KDP was deployed to the field.

The invading Turkish state intends to invade Shengal with the assistance of the KDP.

The pressure and attacks, which have increased after the agreement concluded between the Iraqi government and the KDP on October 9, 2020, have reached a critical point with an increase since yesterday.

The Turkish state, dissatisfied with the series of defeats it has experienced in Southern Kurdistan, seeks triumph by putting out all effort possible. The KDP forces have been deployed to the field to carry out their occupation plans.

The invading Turkish army intends to occupy Shengal by inciting the KDP, to annihilate the Shengal people's self-administration and self-defence power.


The people of Shengal, as well as the Shengal Autonomous Administration are resisting the invasion attempt. The masses are ready to fortify themselves against this collaborative betrayal. The people of Shengal are rising up in various locations to oppose the KDP forces who continue to insist on entering Shengal under the guise of elections.

As KCDK-E, we call on all our people and friends living in Europe to protest against the genocidal attempts and invasion policies of the Turkish state against the people of Shengal."