Karayılan: This will be the Newroz of a new beginning

Kurdish New Year Newroz has been celebrated by HPG and YJA-STAR guerrillas in PKK-held Medya Defense Zones today.

Kurdish New Year Newroz has been celebrated by HPG and YJA-STAR guerrillas in PKK-held Medya Defense Zones today.

The Newroz ceremony was attended by HSM Central Headquarters Commander Murat Karayılan, HSM Central Headquarters members Bawer Dersim, İrfan Amed, YJA-STAR commanders Jînda Ronahî and Zozan Mardin as well as dozens of guerrillas.

Speaking here, HSM Central Headquarters Commander Murat Karayılan underlined that; “Our march in this historic time is a march for the freedom of Leader Apo (referring to Öcalan), autonomy of Kurdistan and democratization of Turkey. We will win. 2016's Newroz will be the Newroz of resolution for our people, it will the Newroz of a new beginning, freedom and march to victory.”

Karayılan on behalf of all Freedom Guerrillas of Kurdistan wished a happy Newroz to Kurdish leader Öcalan, patriotic Kurdish people as well as all peoples and comrades that believe this tradition.

HSM Commander remembered all the martyrs of revolution in the person of Mazlum Doğan and voiced respect to their memories. He vowed to keep their memories alive by leading the struggle for 'Free Leader – Free Kurdistan' to victory.

Karayılan recalled 2013's Newroz declaration by Öcalan, which -he said- brought along a new process for a democratic resolution. Pointing to Kurdish movement's efforts to keep the process going, Karayılan said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, however, suspended this process and started attacks on the Kurdish movement and people on seeing that the resolution process was for the benefit of Turkish and Kurdish peoples but not his own ruling.

HSM Commander remarked that Erdoğan further formed an alliance with the ISIS; made them attack on Kurds in Rojava and Bashur Kurdistan, and committed massacres through ISIS in Amed, Pirsûs (Suruç) and Ankara. He noted that Kurdish people in North Kurdistan, on the other hand, faced savage attacks by Turkish colonialism and AKP state's forces in response to their demand for democratic autonomy.

Calling attention to the popular resistance mounted against attacks in Amed and Botan, Karayılan described this resistance, which endures in Gever, Şırnak and Nusaybin today, as a historic one waged against tank and artillery attacks.

"We state it clearly; we have always been open to a peaceful resolution within the scope of Leader Apo's declaration. This Newroz could witness a new breakthrough and a new beginning should Leader Apo be provided with free conditions and freed of hindrances in order for him to play his role. However, if they act otherwise and insist on making our people kneel down by use of force, our people will never surrender", Karayılan underlined.

HSM commander continued, criticizing Europe's and international powers' silence on the ongoing war and massacres in Kurdistan. He pointed out that this silence encouraged the AKP state to wage a more savage war now, as is happening in Gever, Nusaybin and Şırnak today.

"Our fight against this aggression is a battle of defense. Turkish colonialism is attacking our people's democratic autonomy demand since July 25, 2015. We will resist and never bend the knee in the face of these attacks. This is an order given to us by Mehmet Tunç and other martyrs at the cost of their lives."

Karayılan called upon the Kurdish people to embrace the popular resistance in Gever, Şırnak and Nusaybin, emphasising that unity and self devotion would lead this resistance to victory. He also invited all the pro-democracy and pro-peace circles in Turkey, the region and the world to break the silence on the atrocity and violence committed by the Turkish state.

Karayılan stated that Kurdistan People's Defense Forces are stronger than ever, and that perpetrators will definitively be brought to account for the massacre of Kurdish women, youths, children and elderly. He continued; "Turkish colonialism and AKP fascism will get the necessary answer as long as they continue committing atrocity. It is not the AKP fascism but us that will win, as followers of a fair and righteous cause. Kurdish people have today gained strength in the person of PKK and HPG militants, which is why they will defend themselves and give the necessary answer without ever kneeling down before anyone."