Italian YPG fighter calls on peoples to defend the Rojava revolution

YPG’s Italian fighter Tirej Gabar said the Turkish state and the KDP are moving in sync to eliminate the Rojava revolution and called on all peoples to take active part in defending the Rojava revolution.

YPG’s Italian fighter Tirej Gabar said he came to Rojava and joined the ranks of YPG six months ago, impressed by the legendary resistance displayed by YPG/YPJ fighters in Kobanê and Shengal, and underlined that his reasons for making such a decision are the massacres ISIS gangs commit in the Middle East and the world.

Tirej Gabar stated that his main reason for coming to Rojava is to contribute what he can, as little as that may be, to the resolution of the Kurdistan issue created by international powers a century ago, and that he’s happy to be in Rojava in the revolutionary struggle.

Tirej Gabar remarked that previously he had little knowledge on the Kurdish people and Kurdistan, but learned after coming to Rojava. Gabar also said he had the chance to get to know Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s philosophy closer in Rojava.

Gabar said he is greatly impressed by the free life and democratic confederalism philosophy and model set forth by the Kurdish People’s Leader Öcalan, that the peoples of the world, especially women, are very lucky to have a revolutionary leader like Öcalan, and that Öcalan should be protected under any circumstances.


Gabar pointed out that he had very different opinions on Rojava before he came, and that he saw the urgency and the destruction of war, and then he saw resistance once he came and joined the struggle.

Tirej Gabar underlined that what intrigued him the most in Rojava is the resistance YPG/YPJ fighters displayed using only their Kalashnikovs and personal arms, and that another thing that caught his attention was the security control points.

Gabar said he couldn’t make sense of the security points at first, but then realized how vital these points were for the people.

Tirej Gabar also said he witnessed the intensified embargo imposed by the Turkish state and Barzani’s KDP on Rojava and continued: “The Turkish state's imposition of an embargo is understandable. Claiming himself a Kurdish leader, and his party a Kurdish party, Barzani and his KDP implementing an embargo is equal to treason.”

Gabar stressed that Barzani and his KDP committed treason against the Kurdish people when they handed the Êzidîs over to ISIS barbarism in Shengal, and that the YPG/YPJ fighters and HPG and YJA-STAR guerrillas saved Êzidîs from the ISIS gangs’ massacre and attempt of genocide.

Gabar remarked that the Êzidî people also spoke of this fact when they visited the Êzidîs staying at the camp set up in Bakurê Kurdistan’s Batman city. He expressed that the Kurdistan Freedom Movement has shown that they are a movement for humanity in Shengal, Mexmur Kirkuk and other such areas.

Gabar states that ENKS gangs allied to Barzani and KDP acted in the Turkish state’s interest in Jarablus, Azaz, Al-Rai, Sheikh Maqsoud and Aleppo, and underlined that Barzani, KDP and their connections in Rojava serve the Turkish state’s de-Kurdification policies in these areas.


Tirej Gabar said the biggest problem he faced in Rojava was the language issue.

Italian YPG fighter Tirej Gabar said everyone who came to Kurdistan experienced the same shock, that almost nobody in the Kurdish society spoke English - and that that was a good thing in a way.

Gabar said this situation made it easier to learn Kurdish but the Kurdish language isn’t simple and is very different from European languages. Because of this, he says, it takes more effort to learn this language well.


Tirej Gabar said there are great differences between life in Rojava and life in Europe, and pointed out the poverty in Kurdistan, stating that the main source of the inequality and problems in the world is poverty.

He said there is poverty in Europe and the US as well, but that Kurdistan is the poorest and most impoverished country in the world. He pointed out that this happened with Kurdistan being divided into 4 parts in the imperialist allocation war and that this is present in daily life very clearly.

Tirej Gabar pointed out that there is a very serious attack on the Kurdish people and that Rojava is a region with ancient history, and thus it needs to be protected.


Gabar told that the US and the EU countries terrorised the Kurdish Freedom Movement for years, but the world’s view of Kurds changed majorly with the Rojava revolution.

He pointed out that the Turkish state utilizes all means, be it political or military, to slander the Kurdish Freedom Movement in the eyes of peoples and in the international arena. He expressed that the Turkish state commits crimes by aiding ISIS, Jabhat Al Nusra, Ahrar Al Sham, Sultan Murat Brigade and other such gang groups, and that they are supporters of terrorism.

Stating that the Turkish state terrorizes the Middle East by leading barbaric gangs like ISIS, Al Nusra, Ahrar Al Sham, Sultan Murat Brigade and Jaysh Al Islam, Gabar said “The Turkish state should know that the Kurdish people will protect their own values of freedom to the end. And if they need to fight for this, they will. This is the most natural right of the Kurdish people.”

Italian YPG fighter underlined that all peoples are faced with the duty of building the free life on the basis of the Rojava revolution and expressed that the dirty plans and projects over the Rojava revolution are still in place.

Tirej Gabar stated that all peoples and faith groups should continue and even enhance the union of power to alleviate the dangers over the Rojava revolution.

Tirej Gabar also said the Turkish state must abandon these dirty politics and anti-Kurdish stance at once.


Tirej Gabar described the Democratic Confederalism model put forth by Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan as the only model that can eliminate the nationalist and sectarian fault lines in the Middle East, and the only system that can sustain the Middle East.

Gabar remarked that Democratic Confederalism will enable the building of a democratic Middle East where all peoples and faith groups such as Kurds, Turks, Arabs, Syriacs, Circassians and Armenians can live together on the basis of freedom, justice and equality principles. He called upon all the peoples to enhance the struggle for Democratic Confederalism.

Mentioning the simultaneous ISIS – Turkish attacks on Rojava-Northern Syrian lands in the wake of the operation to liberate Manbij, which targeted Shaddadi, Hesekê, Girê Spî and Ayn îsa, and Jarablus and Al-Rai later on, Gabar said these attacks basically targeted the Rojava-Northern Syria Democratic Federal system.

Gabar stated that YPG/YPJ forces continued fighting the Turkish backed ISIS groups and other gang groups affiliated to the Syrian National Coalition, which include Sultan Murat Brigade, Jabhat Al-Nusra and Ahrar Al-Sham, as they liberate their lands inch by inch.

Tirej Gabar said he was proud to be a YPG fighter and pledged to continue his struggle to the end to make the Rojava Revolution permanent and help it expand to the entire world.


Tirej Gabar remarked that Turkish state and the gang groups it supports have intensified their attacks on the Rojava lands and Kurdish people during the past several weeks in an attempt to eliminate the Rojava revolution.

Gabar stressed that peaceful actions would be of no use at the moment, and that radical actions must be developed in response to these attacks.

Tirej Gabar said embracing the Rojava revolution and enhancing the revolutionary struggle against the occupant and barbaric groups by joining the YPG/YPJ ranks was the primary one of these radical actions that need to be realized in the current process.