Israel kills Hezbollah commander in South Lebanon

After Iran's retaliatory attack on Israel, Israel once again targeted Hezbollah in South Lebanon, killing one of its commanders.

Both Hezbollah and the Israeli army confirmed that a commander of the group was killed in a drone strike on a car in South Lebanon.

The strike on Ismail Yusaf Baz came as Hezbollah claimed to have hit an Israeli Iron Dome battery, causing casualties among the Israeli crew.

The Israeli army said it carried out an attack in South Lebanon on Tuesday, adding: "Hezbollah's coastal sector commander Ismail Yusuf Baz" was killed.

Hezbollah sources announced that Baz was killed in an attack on the village of Ayn Baal, approximately fifteen kilometers from the Israeli border.

The Lebanese National News Agency (ANI) stated that one person died in the Israeli attack on Ayn Baal, adding that there were also deaths in another attack targeting two vehicles in Shehabiye, about ten kilometers away.

Hezbollah announced that Baz and two other fighters died in Israeli attacks, but did not provide further details.

Israel's war cabinet prepares to meet for a fourth time since Saturday, as the country weighs up a response to Iran's retaliation on Saturday.

Tehran launched more than 300 missiles, cruise missiles and drones after Israel struck the Iranian embassy in Syria on 1 April.