HSM: Action in Ankara was carried out by the Brigade of Immortals

If the AKP/MHP regime does not stop its genocidal and fascist-motivated crimes, legitimate actions in the sense of revolutionary justice will continue, warned the HSM.

The People’s Defense Center Headquarters Command released a statement about the action that targeted the Security General Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs near the Parliament in Kızılay, in Ankara at 09:30 this morning.

The statement, according to which the sacrificial action was carried out by a team affiliated with the Brigade of the Immortal, said the following:

"Today at around 9.30 a.m., a unit of our 'Brigade of Immortals' carried out a sacrificial action in front of the Turkish Ministry of Interior. This action was explicitly planned for the opening of the parliament and in relative proximity to the building, which is considered a massacre and torture centre. It was carried out according to plan and without any obstacles. Our comrades who implemented this sacrificial action overcame the guard post and penetrated inside the security area. They were successful and achieved their goal.

However, as usual, the fascist AKP/MHP regime has chosen this time to brazenly deny its losses suffered in this action and to disregard the people and public opinion. Every person should know that the members of the Brigade of Immortals could have achieved a very different result with only a small change in their timing if they had wanted to. However, such a decision was deliberately not taken and the main objective - to send the necessary message to the concerned bodies and to warn them seriously - was maintained.

This action is an act of legitimate defence against the disregard of human rights that are being trampled on against national and international laws; against the inhuman practice and policy of isolation that is being implemented in all the jails of Turkey and Kurdistan; against the use of chemical weapons against our guerrilla forces despite the universal validity of the Chemical Weapons Convention; against the plunder of our nature and the ecocide in Kurdistan; against the oppression of the Kurdish people and all democratic circles. If the AKP/MHP regime does not stop its genocidal and fascist-motivated crimes, legitimate actions in the sense of revolutionary justice will continue.

This meaningful act of heroism, which was carried out on the day when MPs met in parliament for the first time after the summer recess, was dedicated to the memory of Axîn Mûş (Hülya Demirer), commander of Amed province and once commander of the Brigade of Immortals, and the comrades who fell alongside her. This great and historic action was carried out by our friends Rojhat Zilan and Erdal Şahin. We commemorate these immortal Apoists in the tradition of self-sacrifice, to whom our respect is due, with respect and gratitude, congratulate them and all other companions who contributed to this action and wish them continued success. More information on the identity of the brave sacrificial of the Brigade of Immortals will be shared with the public at a later date."