HPG/ YJA Star guerrillas: Our people are not alone

HPG and YJA Star guerrillas put emphasis on the need to enhance the struggle in order for an entire elimination of genocidal policies pursued against the Kurdish people.

HPG and YJA Star guerrillas put emphasis on the need to enhance the struggle in order for an entire elimination of genocidal policies pursued against the Kurdish people.

Guerrillas of HPG (People's Defense Forces) and YJA Star (Free Women's Troops) spoke to ANF and commented on the current process in North Kurdistan.


Barış Farqin: First of all, I salute the resistance in North Kurdistan which has a major importance for the revolution of Kurdistan and will conduce toward the freedom of Kurdish folk and geography. We are entering a historic process when this resistance will achieve a great success. Kurdish people in 4 parts of Kurdistan should embrace this resistance. In our struggle today, guerrilla and popular resistance are running together and it will endure until Leader Apo (referring to Öcalan) and Kurdish people attain freedom.


Dengtav Amed: The colonialist Turkish state is committing a massacre in North Kurdistan, targeting mainly Amed's Sur district, Cizre, Silopi and all other areas where people declared self-rule and self-defense. Our people in the North are resisting and we salute their resistance. Our people should know that they are not alone. Our people have their ideology and guerrillas for self-sacrifice. Nobody can suppress our folk. The colonialist Turkish state cannot break the resistance of our people, nor annihilate them. The resistance growing today must be embraced by everyone. The accomplishment of this fight will enable us to live in Kurdistan freely under equal conditions. It goes without doubt that colonialist powers will want to break the resistance, and we will keep our struggle going until they are all expelled from Kurdistan. All our people should stand by the struggle of this new process. Women and youth in particular should provide further support to the resistance and take their place in the ranks of the fight against Turkish colonialism.


Jinda Kurtay: Our people are today mounting major resistance which reveals the level of Kurdish people's state of awareness and organisation. Kurdish people are no more like they used to be. They no more accept or connive at everything. The resistance of today is different than the rebellions of the 20th century, it is different than Sheikh Said, Seyit Rıza and Bedirxan rebellions which similarly witnessed a great bravery but repeatedly failed due to the lack of an organised potential. Today, however, Kurdish people have manifested their will in every regard. They have organised themselves. This is why we salute the resistance mounted in North Kurdistan today. Our people should step up this resistance in the face of the annihilation concept pursued against them through the AKP gangs.

On the other hand, our people should know that they are not alone. Guerrilla always stands by them. We are waging a fight for the freedom of our people in line with the philosophy and ideology of Leader Apo. The enemy forces are suffering a heavy breakdown in the face of the resistance waged against them. AKP gangs are attacking the Kurdish people more brutally as they are inflicted further blows on the ground. AKP gangs have no strength left. Victory will be very close if we step up the resistance further. I am inviting all our people to join the resistance.


Nizar Şiyar: Our people are mounting resistance in Amed, Sur, Cizre, Silopi and Mardin today in the same way they resisted throughout the history. Today's resistance, however, has major advantages. Our people that are following Leader Apo have their guerrillas. Amed is the place of the resistance of Mazlum Doğan and Cizre of the resistance of Berivans. A massacre is being imposed on the Kurdish people today in the body of Amed and Cizre. Our people are suffering savage massacres and facing tank and artillery strikes. Our people should enhance the resistance in unity against the attacks of AKP gangs. Kurdish people should join the resistance in North Kurdistan. The resistance waged against ISIS should be mounted against AKP gangs as well.


Viyan Zilan: Our people should embrace the freedom resistance against those killing 5-year-old children and burning people alive. The resistance in Cizre, Nusaybin, Sur and Silopi should be spread across the entire North Kurdistan territory. Attacks of AKP gangs will be eliminated as the resistance keeps growing. This would also ensure the removal of the isolation on Leader Apo and attainment of his freedom. For this reason, we call upon our people to step up the struggle in this historic process.