HPG: Turkey intentionally attacks civilian settlements in Kurdistan

HPG stated that the Turkish state is attacking inhabited places in various parts of Southern Kurdistan and Rojava intentionally and simultaneously.

The Press Office of the People's Defense Forces (HDP) released a statement denouncing the Turkish state’s “deliberate attacks on civilian settlements” that target people in various parts of Kurdistan simultaneously.

The HPG statement stressed that: "The Turkish colonial state is helpless in the face of the just and legitimate liberation struggle of the Kurdish people and resorts to all conceivable methods of destruction. Unable to bring the Kurdish people to their knees, it is attacking the civilian population in an insane manner. Deliberate attacks on the civilian population and residential areas have taken place simultaneously in Til Rifat, Heci Umran, Berdesor, Gare and Metina. The patriotic people of Kurdistan remain committed to their fundamental values and will provide the necessary response by increasing their struggle against the enemy occupiers."

The HPG statement listed the attacks on inhabited areas in Southern Kurdistan in the last days as follows:

On January 21, fighter jets bombed the area surrounding the village of Beşili in Metina region between 11 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.

On January 22, fighter jets bombed the areas of Hecî Umran and Berdesor in Xakurke region six times. Local people’s stables were destroyed and animals killed as a result of the attacks.

Also on January 22, the village of Girê in the Meyrokê area of Gare was bombed. Four people were injured in the attack, including two children, while residential houses and gardens of the people were damaged. The attack was claimed to be directed against “PKK positions”; in fact, it was an attack on civilians living in Southern Kurdistan. According to HPG, there are no guerrilla positions in the vicinity of the village, nor did the guerrillas suffer any casualties in the attack.

On January 23, the area surrounding the village of Kanî Sarkê in Gare region, the Hakkari Hill and the area surrounding the village of Beşili in Metina region, and the Sida area in the Zap region were bombed.