HPG reports military operations and agencification activities in Amed

HPG announced that the Turkish army launched further operations with the participation of thousands of soldiers, but still couldn't obtain a result and enhanced its activities of agencification in the region.

The Press Office of People's Defense Forces (HPG-BIM) has released a statement regarding the Turkish army's ongoing activities in Northern Kurdistan.

The statement said that Turkish military started an extensive operation in Martyr Navdar and Martyr Rojhat areas in Amed countryside on December 26, 2016. The operation was participated by 6 thousand soldiers and was retreated inconclusively after 5 days.

On December 22, 2016 Turkish army launched another operation in a large area involving the countryside of Amed's Çermik - Çüngüş – Ergani districts and Adıyaman's Gerger district. The operation was participated by 10 thousand soldiers and was retreated 5 days later.

On January 5, Turkish army re-launched an operation in Martyr Navdar and Martyr Rojhat areas.

The statement by HPG underlined that:

"During the latest operations in Amed, Turkish troops have been threatening the locals in Lice district and subjecting them to attempts of agencification. Turkish soldiers broke into and damaged many houses in the villages of Licok, Kerwaz, Mehle, Nenyas and Cumar. At the same time, many residents were taken into custody. Many people from Çemealik, Speynik, Xıraba and Şele villages are forced to go to the Korxe and Angol outposts in Lice where they face with attempts of agencification with dirty plans.”