HPG releases 2-month balance sheet of battle: 389 invaders were killed

HPG Press Centre has released the 2-month balance sheet of Turkish state's invasion attacks and the Cenga Xabur and Bazên Zagrosê countermoves in the Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The People’s Defense Forces (HPG) has announced the balance sheet of war between April 23 and June 23. 288 guerrilla actions and 39 air raids were carried out during the mentioned period of time, while 389 invaders were killed, and dozens of positions and military vehicles were demolished. A large number of weapons and materials were also confiscated.

HPG Press Centre has released the 2-month balance sheet of Turkish state's invasion attacks and the Cenga Xabur and Bazên Zagrosê countermoves in the Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The HPG's statement is as follows:

“The Turkish military operation to invade South Kurdistan which was launched on the night of April 23 in Avashin, Metina and Zap areas, and the Cenga Xabur and Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaigns introduced by our forces to counter it, have marked its second month. During the 60-day resistance, our forces have displayed unique resistance and heroism.

The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla who adopted the new era guerrilla line, has made history in Kurdistan with its combat performance in the Avashin, Metina and Zap areas, with its level of determination, its ability to defeat enemy's tactics, and to creatively use rich guerrilla tactics. Our forces have dealt huge blows to the invading enemy with a rich variety of tactics based on Apoist ideology.

The invading Turkish state could not advance despite its advanced warfare technology. The Turkish army conceals the results and losses of this war as the Turkish state and the fascist AKP-MHP has been experiencing a major crisis. The protest and uprisings of the Kurdish people are seriously confronting the policy of genocide and oppression.

In the last two years, the guerrilla struggle has proved that Democratic Modernity guerrilla struggle can realize a free life, basing on the results revealed by the Cenga Heftanin, Garê Epic, Cenga Xabur and Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaigns. Our comrades from Arab, Yazidi communities and four parts of Kurdistan, who fell as martyrs in the last two months, have demonstrated the character of our struggle based on the democratic nation perspective.

The invading Turkish state used chemical weapons and poisonous gases. Moreover, especially in recent days, it has been trying to achieve its goals by activating the collaborative Kurdish line and stabbing our guerrilla resistance in the back. However, the common sense of both our movement and our guerrilla forces in the field, the reaction of the Kurdish people and their insistence on national unity have eliminated the plan of the invaders. The patriotic Kurdish people have demonstrated that they have the power to eliminate all provocations and conspiracies with their insistence on maintaining their national unity and preserving the Kurdish gains everywhere and with their reaction to the genocidal occupying politics.

As the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, we hereby state once again that we have the faith and determination to frustrate the invasion in our country with the support and national stance of our people.

The 2-month balance sheet of the Cenga Xabur and Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaigns is as follows:

Actions carried by our forces:

– 2 Ambush Actions

– 9 Infiltration Actions

– 14 Coordinated and Simultaneous Guerrilla Actions

– 17 Strike Actions

– 35 Assassination Actions

– 59 Artillery Actions

– 66 Sabotage Actions

– 86 Attack Actions

– A total of 288 guerrilla actions were carried out.

As a result of the actions carried out by our forces;

– 389 invaders were killed.

– 47 invaders were injured.

Our comrades fallen as martyrs;

–54 of our comrades were martyred.

Actions carried out by the Martyr Delal Air Defence Forces;

– 39 Actions were carried out by the Martyr Delal Air Defence Forces.

Attacks by the invading Turkish army;

– Medya Defense Zones were bombed hundreds of times with howitzers, cluster bombs, mortars, helicopters and fighter jets. The Turkish army not only cut down trees, but also plundered forests through various collaborative companies, and set fire to many forest areas.

– 62 attempts were made to enter the war tunnels.

– Chemical and poisonous gases were used 17 times against battle positions and tunnels.

Enemy vehicles hit by our forces;

– 2 military vehicles

– 3 scoop machines

– 6 Drones

– 6 Helicopters

Military supplies demolished by our forces;

– 1 Transit type military vehicle

– 1 Hedgehog type armoured military vehicle

– 1 remote control tracked vehicle

– 1 Reo type vehicle

– 2 regular military vehicles

– 2 A4 Weapons

– 1 Camellia

– 1 Telescope

– 3 Tents

– 3 Drones

– 4 Radars

– 9 Surveillance Cameras

– Bulletproof Shields

– Dozens of positions were demolished.

Military supplies seized from the enemy by our forces;

– 1 radio device

– 1 MPT gun

– 1 Grenade Launcher

– 1 BKC Weapon

– 1 B7 (Bisiving) Weapon

– 1 binocular

– 1 thermal binoculars

– 2 scopes

– 1 Mine detector

– 1 Drone

– 6 military bags,

– 650 kg of explosives

– Military tags

– Numerous military supplies”