HPG Press Centre pays tribute to martyrs of Garzan and Amed

The HPG released the names of four guerrillas who fell as martyrs following attacks carried out by the Turkish army in Garzan and Amed.

The Press Center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) has released the names of four fallen guerrillas. Poyraz Bulanık, Azad Şoreş and Nûman Dorşîn Xinis fell as martyrs on 11 January in Garzan, while Mahir Farqîn fell on 14 April in Amed.

On 4 December 2020, the Turkish army started a comprehensive military operation in the Şêx Cuma area in the northern Kurdish province of Bitlis. On 11 January 2021, clashes erupted between an HPG unit and soldiers deployed in the operation. The clashes continued during the night. Several soldiers were killed. Guerrillas Poyraz Bulanık, Azad Şoreş and Nûman Dorşîn Xinis fell as martys. The operation continued until 24 April.

On 14 April 2021, a military operation began in the Şehîd Kendal area of ​​Amed. An HPG unit tracked a group of soldiers deployed in the operation and carried out an attack. Clashes lasted forty minutes. The HPG announced: “In this clashes, our forces dealt the enemy heavy blows. The Turkish army said afterwards that one soldier was killed and four others injured. However, many more soldiers were killed. Our companion Mahir fell in a heroic battle, Heval Dara Bagok was injured and was taken prisoner by the enemy.”

The names and details of the fallen guerrillas are as follows:

      Code name: Poyraz Bulanık

      First and last name: Kurban Pehlivan

      Place of Birth: Mûş

      Mother and father’s name: Şehrinaz - Selahattin

      Date and place of martyrdom: 11/01/2021/ Garzan


      Code name: Azad Şoreş

      First and last name: Rıdvan Eryılmaz

      Place of Birth: Bitlis

      Mother and father’s name: Gülseren - Demirhan

      Date and place of martyrdom: 11/01/2021 Garzan


      Code name: Nûman Dorşîn Xinis

      First and last name: Mirkan Yalavuz

      Place of birth: Erzîrom

      Mother and father’s name: Azime - Halit

      Date and place of martyrdom: 11/01/2021 Garzan


      Code name: Mahir Farqin

      First and last name: Öner Kırmaz

      Place of birth: Amed

      Mother and father’s name: Fatma - Enver

      Date and place of martyrdom: 14/04/2021 Amed


Poyraz Bulanık was born in Kop (Bulanık, Mûş Province) in 1992 and grew up in a patriotic environment. After joining the guerrillas, according to the HPG, he was known for his military discipline and his solidarity with his comrades. He developed quickly and quickly became a commander. He fought in different areas from the Zagros Mountains to Garzan and was known for his rebellious personality.

Azad Şoreş was born in Bitlis in 1994 and grew up with the resistance culture of Garzan. He experienced the oppression carried out by the Turkish state at a young age and joined the guerrillas. Since then he has fought in Garzan. The HPG describe him as a humble and committed person who felt great anger at the enemy and who aroused respect in those around him with his demeanor.

Nûman Dorşîn Xinis was born in 1994 and grew up in a patriotic family in Batman. He fought against the colonialist assimilation policy of the Turkish state and joined the guerrillas in the mountains. There he developed into a capable guerrilla who took part in actions against the occupation forces.

Mahir Farqîn was born in Amed and joined the revolutionary movement as a youth. He left the school, which he felt was the center of the Turkish policy of assimilation, and in 2014 went to the mountains to join the guerrilla. 

According to the HPG, his anger at the enemy was reflected in his entire guerrilla life. At his own suggestion he went to North Kurdistan and returned to his birthplace Amed, where he took a leading role in the guerrilla fight.