HPG press center releases identities of two guerrillas who fell in Botan

The HPG press center released the identities of guerrillas Xemgîn Hêşetî and Abbas Herekol, who fell as martyrs in Botan in 2022.

The HPG press center said in a statement that two guerrillas, Xemgîn Hêşetî (Irfan Çağla) and Abbas Herekol (Serhat İpekten), fell as martyrs on 12 October 2022 as a result of clashes with the Turkish army in Berwarî in the northern Kurdish province of Siirt.

The statement said that "the Turkish army was only able to kill the two, who were fighting against the most modern technology with assault rifles, with a massive bombardment from fighter planes.  Comrades Xemgîn and Abbas, who were similar in personality, origin, and ways of participating in the struggle as well as in their ages, spent their years fighting in different areas, but in the same way."

The HPG added: "They were among the most valuable and important children of our people. They have contributed to our people's struggle for freedom and have become leading militants of our party. In their personalities, the identity of the people of Botan was combined with the apoistic will to make sacrifices. They carried out a brave fight through the mountains and plains of Kurdistan. The villages of Hêşet and Ewrex, the people of Botan and the entire Kurdish people will always be proud of them and they will be remembered as symbols of our struggle and exemplary militants. With this conviction and with these feelings, we offer our condolences to their worthy patriotic families and the entire Kurdish people."


 Codename: Xemgîn Hêşetî
 First and last name: Irfan Çağla
 Place of birth: Sêrt
 Mother and father’s names: Makbule – Ramazan
 Date and place of death: 12 October 2022 / Botan



 Codename: Abbas Herekol
 Name and Surname: Serhat İpekten
 Place of birth: Sêrt
 Mother and father’s names: Emine - Halil
 Date and place of death: 12 October 2022 / Botan