HPG pays tribute to Serhat martyrs

Guerrillas Bager, Mazlum, Harun and Agît fell as martyrs fighting the Turkish army in the northern Kurdish region of Serhat in 2019. The HPG have published information about their identity.

The Press Center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) has published the names of four guerrillas who fell as martyrs fighting the Turkish army in the northern Kurdish Serhat region in 2019.

The statement said: "With effective actions, which in recent years have led to heavy losses among the occupying Turkish army in Serhat, our forces there have managed to practically paralyze the enemy. In response, the colonial state of Turkey launched intensive attacks to undermine the guerrillas' effectiveness and crush their activities in the region. Our friends Bager, Mazlum, Harun and Agît fell in these attacks in 2019. We reiterate our pledge to carry out the revolutionary task they entrusted to us.”

The full identities of the fallen are:

   Codename: Bager Wan

    First and last name: Savaş Başdinç

    Place of Birth: Wan

    Mother and father’s name: Hatun - Nadir

    Date and place of death: 2019 / Serhat

    Codename: Mazlum Wan

    First and last name: Mücahit Çam

    Place of Birth: Van

    Mother and Father’s Name: Makbule – İbrahim

    Date and place of death: 2019 / Serhat

    Code name: Harun Welat

    First and last name: Nurullah Koçluğ

    Place of Birth: Agiri

    Mother and Father’s Name: Zeynep – Mehmet Salih

    Date and place of death: 2019 / Serhat

    Codename: Agit Arî

    First and last name: Oğuz Çelik

    Place of birth: Amed

    Mother and father’s name: Edibe – Hakkı

    Date and place of death: 2019 / Serhat

Bager Wan

Bager Wan was born in Ertemêtan near Van to a patriotic family. As a student, he became involved in the structures of the Kurdish liberation movement from 2005, and in 2009 he went to the mountains. In the Medya Defense Zones, he first fought in the southern part of Kurdistan, including in Xakurke. Since 2015 he was based in Serhat.

Mazlum Wan

Mazlum Wan was born in a village in Qelqelî. Early on he went to work in the big cities of Turkey to support his patriotic family financially. His understanding of the reality of Kurdistan began in his youth. When the Rojava revolution broke out in 2012, he decided to join the guerrillas. After his first three years in the mountains, during which he developed from a gifted fighter to an accomplished commander, he became part of the regional command for the Serhat region.

Harun Welat

Harun Welat was born in Patnos near Agirî into a patriotic family. He gained his first combat experience in 2015 in the resistance of the civil defense units YPS against the siege of the Turkish military in Sûr, the old town of Amed. After Sûr he joined the guerrillas. Harun Welat was initially active there in various regions of southern Kurdistan.

Agît Arî

Agît Arî came from Amed, where he grew up in a patriotic environment. He went to the guerrillas in 2015. According to the HPG, the decision was a reaction to the peace process with the PKK, which the Turkish state unilaterally ended, and the war against the Kurdish population that was resumed at the same time. Agît Arî was recently also active at the regional command level in Serhat.