HPG guerrilla: We will end this war with great success

Guerrilla Hogir Serhat, who is fighting the Turkish invasion and occupation in the Xakurke region of southern Kurdistan, said, "We went into this war with great hope, and we will finish it with great success."

Since the Turkish attack on the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in April 2022, a war of the highest intensity has been waged in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). While the operation is focused on the Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn regions, areas like Xakurke are other war fronts where fighting against the occupation has been non-stop for four years.

HPG fighter Hogir Serhat is stationed in the Xakurke region. In an interview with ANF, he shares his thoughts on the current struggle. Regarding the resistance in Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna, he said: "The resistance there is not an ordinary struggle. For this reason, as guerrillas in the Xakurke region, we want to support the resistance there. Although it is a difficult process, we also draw great morale from the resistance that our friends there are putting up with a determined will. We want to be worthy of our fallen friends."

"The guerrilla resistance has the initiative"

Speaking of a war of to be or not to be, Serhat stated: "That is why we have to do everything the situation demands of us. Whatever the price, we will pay it. The war in the Medya Defence Zones has reached a historic stage. There is no method that the Turkish state has not used against the guerrillas in this war. It is using banned chemical weapons against the guerrillas. This is against the law of war and shows how difficult this war is for the Turkish state. The guerrilla resistance determines the scope and course of the war. And the resistance of the people and in the prisons has also reached a new peak. Looking at the balance sheet of the war, it is already clear how far it has progressed." The HPG fighter spoke of ongoing actions against the Turkish army and said the army's losses are high.

"Inspiration comes from Imrali"

Serhat concluded by saying, "Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] has been fighting non-stop in Imrali for 23 years. We also want to stand up for his work. We are fighting a very difficult struggle for this. The resistance must not be limited to guerrilla struggle; the peoples of the Middle East, especially the Kurdish people, must not remain silent about this barbaric war. Our people have a great will. They have historical experience of war. Our war is a war for all identities. We must always remain upright and not accept injustice. This is how we can be a force against domination and succeed. We started this war with great hopes, and we will end it with great success."