HPG guerrilla martyred in Gabar laid to rest

The body of HPG guerrilla Kahraman Sunar was handed over to his family after 4 and a half months.

People’s Defense Forces (HPG) guerrilla Kahraman Sunar (Agit Timok) was martyred in an armed clash with Turkish troops in the region of Mount Gabar in Şırnak countryside on May 11.

Sunar’s body was then taken to the morgue at the Siirt Training and Research Hospital.

The blood samples taken from the family members for DNA test were revealed to the family after 4 and a half months.

On Tuesday, September 28, the Sunar family went to the Siirt Training and Research Hospital and received the body.

Sunar was laid to rest in the Timok neighbourhood in Bekirhan town of Batman's Kozluk district. The funeral was attended by his family members, relatives and the residents.

The funeral ceremony took place under a military and police blockade.