HPG: At least 3 emplacements destroyed, 4 soldiers killed

HPG Press Centre reported that at least 3 Turkish army emplacements were destroyed, and 4 soldiers were killed during the actions against the Turkish troops in the Avaşin region.

In a written statement, the People’s Defense Forces Press Centre HPG-BİM said that the action coordinated from two directions was carried out in the Kela Mamreşo area. The statement also gave information on the Turkish army's attacks on guerrilla areas.

HPG’s statement is as follows:

“As part of the Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaign:

– On October 6, at 13:30, a coordinated guerrilla action was carried out by our guerrilla units against the Turkish forces in the Kela Mamreşo area of ​​Avaşîn. The first guerrilla unit hit 2 military positions at close range. 2 military positions were destroyed and at least 4 Turkish soldiers were killed in this action. The second unit struck an emplacement and the soldiers around it at close range. In this action, one emplacement and the surveillance camera system here were destroyed. However, the number of the soldiers killed there could not be identified. Following the action, the Turkish forces removed their casualties from the area by helicopters.

This large-scale action during which at least 4 soldiers were killed, and 3 military positions and one surveillance camera system were destroyed, was carried out to avenge our comrades who were martyred in chemical attacks of the invading Turkish army in Girê Sor and Mamreşo.

– On October 6, at 08:30, an action was carried out against the Şikêr outpost in the Çelê (Çukaurca) district of Colemêrg (Hakkari). One surveillance camera system was destroyed as a result of the action.

2. On October 6, between 23:50 and 00:20, Turkish helicopters flew over the Mamreşo area of ​​the Avaşîn region.

– On October 6, between 08:30 and 09:30, the Çiyayê Reş area in the Zap region was bombed by the Turkish army with heavy weapons.

– On October 6, at 13:50, the Mamreşo area of ​​the Avaşîn region was bombed by the Turkish army with howitzers and heavy weapons.

– On October 7, between 09:00 and 09:20, the Kunîshka and Sîda areas in the Zap region were bombed by Turkish fighter jets.