Guerrillas: The legacy of July 14 Martyrs will stop fascism

HPG and YJA Star guerrillas say the successors who claimed the spirit the July 14 resistance developed and the legacy the martyrs left will stop Turkish fascism today.

HPG and YJA Star guerrillas in the Shengal Mountain spoke to ANF on the 35th anniversary of the Great Death Fast of July 14.


HPG Commander Zinarîn Eser said the July 14 Resistance has definitely been a turning point in their history of struggle and added: “Kurdistan is witnessing the reemergence of the Middle East once more in its history. All these are based on and take their vitality from the July 14 Resistance. There is no doubt that if that resistance of that day hadn’t taken place, there would be no resurgence in Kurdistan. With their legacy, there was a transformation to a strong popular movement, growing in waves. And today the Turkish fascism thinks they will make it surrender and eliminate it, they burn and destroy. But the resistance, revolution and construction in four parts of Kurdistan continues with the spirit of July 14. If the ‘PKK is the people, the people are here’ slogan has become the motto of millions, then the PKK has come together with the people and the people of Kurdistan have assumed the PKK. As Leader Apo’s guardians, we will stay loyal to the Leader, our movement and our people and take the struggle to victory , befitting the leaders of the July 14 resistance. The enemy should know that physically liberating Leader Apo is one of our fundamental claims.”


HPG guerrilla Cûdî Destan said the July 14 resistance stopped fascism using themselves as shields, they never gave up and they never bowed down, they always marched on saying they will prevail. Destan pointed to the duty to raise the flag they left high and said: “We will march forward until the end as Kemal Pir’s successors, with the legacy they left us.”


HPG Commander Serhat Serxwebûn stressed that the July 14 resistance stood tall against the enemy despite all the torture and changed the course of history, and that the resistance became the source the Kurdish Freedom Movement used to take great strides. Serxwebûn said the Turkish colonialism still deals out the same fascism in prisons and on the outside today, and continued: “The Turkish state should know that not us nor our people will ever bow down. The spirit and legacy of those who laid their bodies down to die live on in our struggle today. We will stop Turkish fascism with this spirit and legacy.”