Guerrillas protect their territory and the honour of the Kurdish people

The guerrillas in Metina are inflicting heavy blows on the Turkish army with daily actions to defend their territory and the honour of the Kurdish people.

The history of the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle is full of resistance and epics. For half a century, the Kurdish Freedom Movement has been waging a unique struggle and resistance for a free and honourable life. Now the occupation concept has intensified in Metina. The Turkish state wants to bring its 5-year occupation ambition to a conclusion by increasing its attacks even more, especially since May.

For years, the Turkish state has resorted to all kinds of dirty ways and methods to completely occupy Metîna. Using tanks, artillery, UCAVs, banned weapons, chemical and tactical nuclear weapons hundreds of times, the invading Turkish state hit the guerrilla's wall of resistance and failed. The Turkish state aims to subject the whole of Kurdistan to genocide by using the technique it takes from NATO with the lie of "eliminating terrorism threatening the Turkish border". Therefore, the occupying Turkish state "terrorises" every living creature in the territory of Kurdistan and therefore not only targets the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, but also massacres the civilian population in its regions and plunders the nature of Kurdistan.

Collaborator treachery

The world is blind, deaf and dumb to all these immoral and inhuman attacks of the enemy. The occupying Turkish state could not realise its goals despite receiving all the support of NATO. Desperate in the face of the guerrilla resistance, the enemy this time embraced the collaborator Barzani Family. Occupation and betrayal are intertwined in Metîna. The Barzani Family built roads for the invaders to enter the area with armoured vehicles. Then it started to evacuate the villages in the region so that the enemy could bomb the area more easily. Not only that, the Barzani Family started to build bases for the invading Turkish state to settle in the region. This also reveals the reality of this family. With this betrayal, they gradually surrendered the lands of Southern Kurdistan to the occupation.

The Barzani family will gain nothing but lose its honour

If the first goal of the enemy today is to destroy the PKK, its second goal is undoubtedly to destroy the status of Bashûr (Southern Kurdistan). With this cooperation, the Barzani family will gain nothing but lose its honour. Despite all the attacks, the world's silence and co-operation, the guerrilla does not compromise on its struggle against the invaders. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla is putting up historic resistance. Responding to the enemy's attacks with its actions, the guerrilla sacrifices its life for a free country and life. The guerrillas in Metîna are dealing heavy blows to the Turkish army with their daily actions in order to protect their territory and the honour of the Kurdish people.

The invaders were locked up in Girê Hekarî

The occupying Turkish state meant to besiege the guerrillas by capturing some strategic hills. The spirit of resistance that developed in the war tunnels in Girê Hekarî under the leadership of commanders Azê and Nûrî Yekta dealt a great blow to the occupiers. Again, with the revolutionary operation launched in 2022 under the leadership of the guerrillas Binevş, Amed and Baran, the reputation of the Turkish state was destroyed. In addition, the revolutionary breakthrough in 2023, led by heroes such as guerrillas Roza, Hekîm, Rûken, Serhildan, Karasungur, Serhed and Numan, dealt an even harder blow to the invaders and locked them up in Girê Hekarî.

No place for the invaders in the free mountains

Guerrillas destroyed all occupation targets in Girê Hekarî. All this is thanks to the guerrilla's spirit of sacrifice. In addition, the resistance that developed under the leadership of guerrillas Berçem, Rustem, Jiyan, Ciwan and Şahîn in the Girê Ortê war tunnels left its mark on the history of resistance of the Kurdish people. Leader Öcalan’s self-sacrificing followers gave the necessary answer to the invading forces with a heroic stance. The guerrillas once again showed with their resistance and actions that there is no place for the invaders in the free mountains. This stance and resistance of the guerrilla continues today not only in Metîna but in every corner of Kurdistan.