Group of young guerrillas calls on everyone to join "war to victory"

On the 43rd anniversary of the PKK's founding, a group of young people, who went to the mountains of Kurdistan, said that they were impressed by the guerrillas and added that "this war is a war to victory."

On the occasion of the PKK's 43rd founding anniversary, 27 November, a group of young people who joined the guerrilla ranks made a statement from the mountains of Kurdistan.

The young people called on all the young people of Kurdistan to "take part in the war of victory".

The statement said: “The invading fascist Turkish state has come to the brink of extinction in its war to end Kurdistan and the Kurdish people. It has mobilized all its assets for this genocidal war, yet it has failed. It continues without hesitation to launch brutal and illegal attacks in this war. It is fighting a war to end Kurdistan, the Kurdish people and its only representative, the PKK, using all special war methods and the most advanced war technologies.”

The statement continued: “While carrying out all kinds of genocidal attacks on society, the government also tries to corrupt young people, the most fundamental dynamic force of society. Today, in the mountains of Free Kurdistan, it is waging a war against the guerrillas of Kurdistan, who are the protectors and defenders of Kurdistan, the Kurdish people and all human values.

As the youth of Kurdistan, we joined the guerrilla ranks, influenced by this war of honour and the epic heroic struggle. Because this war is a war of victory. The guerrilla struggle is the only guarantee of a free Kurdistan. On this basis, we will respond with the slogan of "Werin Cenga Azadiyê", the genocidal fascist Turkish state, imperialism and their collaborative treason, in the language they understand, that is, with an armed struggle. We will avenge every inch of land occupied in Kurdistan and every price paid. Because the PKK is a revenge movement.

The people and young people of Kurdistan should also take their place in this war against fascism, in this period when the PKK, in its 44th year, will achieve a great victory. We are calling out to all the youth of Kurdistan from here. Take your place in this struggle of honour and victory and join the ranks of the guerrillas.”