Guerrillas send message with mortars

The guerrillas, who stopped the Turkish forces from expanding their occupation areas within the scope of the Battle of Heftanin Campaign and repelled them with actions, underlined the importance of mortars.

HPG guerrillas highlighted the importance of heavy weapons in the Battle of Heftanin Campaign and drew attention to the role of mortars.

The Turkish state, not satisfied with the operations it carries out in North Kurdistan, also continues the invasion attacks in Southern Kurdistan. In this context, Turkish forces trapped in some occupied areas accompanied by uninterrupted air strikes cannot make progress due to the guerrilla's effective resistance and actions.

HPG guerrilla Ferman Memyan is one of the guerrillas involved in the Cenga Heften Initiative. Noting that heavy weapons play an important role in the move, Memyan said: "Mortars create fear in the enemy, because there is no protection when the attacks come from the sky."

Emphasizing that Turkish forces will not leave the hills they are trying to hold on to, guerrilla Memyan said: "In our mortar actions, they hide in positions and take shelter behind the hills. Their psychology is disrupted."

Baxtiyar Cizîrî, another guerrilla involved in the Cenga Heften Initiative, said that they would continue to avenge the martyrs and expel the occupation forces of the Kurdish enemy colonial state from Kurdistan.

Noting that the Turkish army was surprised, Cizîrî underlined the importance of the 80mm and 120mm mortars: "They cannot repel mortars."