Footage of guerrilla action against Turkish soldiers in Çukurca

Footage from a guerrilla action, in which 10 soldiers were killed and two positions of theirs were destroyed, has been released.

Guerrilla TV has released footage from the action in which guerrillas targeted the Koordine Hill in Hakkari countryside on January 14.

HPG Press Office had said the followings in the related statement about the mentioned action;

“Our forces carried out an action against Koordine Hill in Çukurca district of Hakkari at 10:30 on January 14. Our forces effectively hit the positions and containers of the enemy on the hill, as a result of which 10 soldiers here were killed. Three other containers and two positions on the hill also came under intense fire and all of these burned to the ground, while the number of soldiers killed or wounded here couldn’t be clarified. In the wake of the action, the invading (Turkish) forces carried out random bombardment on the area with howitzer and mortar fire.”