Final declaration of KNK's National Unity Workshop

The final declaration for the national unity workshop was published as an updated version with the addition of the points of the referendum in Southern Kurdistan, attacks on Efrîn, the situation in Rojhilat and coexistence with other peoples.

The final declaration of the two-day national unity workshop held by the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) in Sulaymaniyah was published as an updated version with the addition of four points the delegations demanded.

Participants of the workshop had proposed the addition of the referendum in Southern Kurdistan, attacks on Efrîn, the situation in Rojhilat and coexistence with other peoples, faiths and other differences the Kurdish people live together with to the 10-point final declaration. KNK has since updated the final declaration to reflect the addition of said proposals.

The full text of the final version of the final declaration is as follows:

“The country and the people of Kurdistan have been divided into four parts as a result of the Sykes-Picot and Lausanne treaties. The Kurdish people have waged a continuous struggle for freedom from this fragmentation onwards until the present day. As a result of this struggle, serious gains have been achieved in all parts. The ongoing World War III in the Middle East has created an opportunity for our people to finalize these gains, and it poses serious dangers.


The colonialist system that denies and assimilates Kurds is experiencing its weakest moment since its establishment. The majority of the international powers are now in favour of changing this status quo, which creates more harm than advantages for them as well. This poses great opportunities for Kurds to have liberation. But, despite all the weaknesses and inconsistencies, the colonialist powers object to the Kurds achieving a status, and displaying great resistance to change because of it. To that end, they are forming anti-Kurdish alliances and making great concessions to the international powers in return for them not supporting Kurds. And this poses a serious danger for Kurds. The anti-Kurdish alliances by the colonialists and the inconsistent policies of international powers are dangerous for Kurds. But the true danger for Kurds is the political fragmentation of the Kurds themselves. If the Kurds can overcome this fragmentation and achieve their national unity, at once they will both remove the threats and dangers, and achieve the status they want in each part, resulting in their freedom.


1- All political parties, representatives of institutions and esteemed individuals who participated in the workshop presented their views on the necessity for and the obligation of national unity, and expressed their will to fulfill all responsibility that befalls them on this issue.

2- All participants of the workshop have reached the resolution that the efforts should not be limited to the National Unity workshop, and that they should continue unabated until the national congress is realized.

3- Taking lessons from the deficiencies in method in the previous efforts, taking resolute steps towards the goal and achieving a wide base of discussions and resolutions has been assumed as a method.

4- It has been decided to take a second step to discuss the fundamental principles and methods of National Unity and achieve a result after the workshop.

5- The principles and methods of National Unity is the key issue in achieving National Unity. For that, the issue needs to be discussed by political parties and intellectuals, writers, academics, artists, religious scholars, opinion leaders and women in our society in a swift but wide-reaching way. To that end, our workshop has decided to hold further richer efforts in Northern Kurdistan, Rojava, Europe, Eastern Kurdistan and Southern Kurdistan. The results coming out of the parts regarding principles and methods will be discussed in another workshop with participation from all parts and Europe and the second phase will thus be completed.

6- Our workshop considers it a principle in the second phase as well as the first phase to have all parties participating in the national unity efforts. To that end, it has been decided to continue with the efforts to have all parties, whether they participated in the first phase or not, participating in the second phase. National unity efforts will be carried out until the end with the goal to be open for all parties to participate in.

7- It has been decided that the KNK leading and organizing the second phase as well will be right. It has been decided that the KNK will receive widespread support from various circles as they carry out these efforts in all parts.

8- After reaching a consensus on principles and the methods to be followed, it will be time for the third phase. Before launching that phase, there will be a goal of establishing a committee to call the National Congress. This committee will undoubtedly be established with participation from representatives of all political parties and some individuals.

9- As constituents of the workshop, we salute political prisoners and support their struggle. We also support the Kurdish women’s struggle for freedom. We believe all parties who participated in the workshop should take dialogue and discussion method as a base for the development of democracy. They should all actively participate in actions Kurdistanis take against colonialism everywhere.

10- Views and proposals of the committee the Kurdish women formed for national unity should be incorporated in the National Unity efforts and women should participate strongly and actively in the national unity efforts in the future.

11- The referendum in Southern Kurdistan needs to be carried out with participation from all political powers there, within the confines of the legal and legitimate framework.

12- Participants of the workshop have called on political parties and powers in Eastern (Rojhilat) Kurdistan to launch a joint effort to achieve the freedom and the rights of the Kurdish people. There is no doubt that the Kurdish powers getting closer will add strength to the struggle for freedom and be a blow to the executions, arrests and the inhumane and invasionist policies imposed upon the civilian population, particularly kolbars in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

13- Participants of the workshop have assumed the Turkish state’s attack on Efrîn and Rojava as an attack on themselves and called for support. Participants are also calling on the reconstruction of Shengal.

14- The workshop has stressed the necessity to uphold the foundation of respect for peoples, faiths, sects and other differences the Kurdish people live together with. We consider this as the yeast that will create the democratic, healthy and humane/moral society, which will guarantee an amicable, comradely and secular life.


There is no doubt that the discussions we had and the resolve we reached here with participation from political parties, intellectuals, writers, academics and all other social forces and individuals have a historic significance. The whole of our society is following this effort with great interest. For that, in the coming period, we all carry more responsibility, so we are calling on all political and social groups and individuals to participate strongly in the second phase of the efforts and to support them. We declare that these efforts are open for participation from all until the end, and call on the political parties who haven’t been here with us today to participate in the future efforts.”