Families of martyrs protest against KDP at Semalka border crossing

On the border between Rojava and South Kurdistan, families of those martyred in the Kurdish liberation struggle protest against the collaboration of the KDP with the Turkish state.

Relatives of martyrs protest against South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP at the Sêmalka border crossing in Rojava. The protest was organised by the Council of Martyrs’ Families from the Cizire region. The People's Defense Forces (HPG) announced on Sunday that five guerrilla fighters had been killed in a KDP ambush. Another HPG member is presumed to be wounded and only the fighter Haki Zîlan survived. Two of the six fighters whose identities have been released were from Dêrik and Tirbespî in northern Syria.

According to the families of martyrs, the protest action at the border crossing between western and southern Kurdistan is directed against the betrayal of the KDP, which is dominated by the Barzani clan, collaborates with the Turkish state and is stabbing the Kurdish guerrillas in the back. The activists have begun setting up a large tent, and more people are arriving at the action site. So far it is unclear how long the protest will last.