Duhoq Asayish attacks HPG martyr’s ceremony

The Duhoq Asayish has attacked the condolence ceremony of HPG guerilla Demhat Ehmed.

A condolence ceremony was held for the HPG guerilla Demhat Ehmed in his family home after he was martyred in a Turkish state bombing on March 22.

The Duhoq Asayish (security) forces attacked the people coming to visit the condolence ceremony and the martyr’s family, in a manner reminiscent of the Turkish state’s barbaric attacks. The Asayish forces tore out martyr Ehmed’s photograps and insulted the family, the mother and the guests.


The martyr’s family said there was a banner that read “Martyred by the bombing of Turkish fighter jets” and the asayish units were disturbed by this, and that was the reason for the attack.

The Asayish units reportedly told the family to “remove the flags and have the ceremony like that”. The Asayish units also confiscated the phones of guests who wanted to record videos of the attack.

Demhat Ehmed had taken part in the Kurdistan Patriotic Youth Movement efforts and the Kobanê resistance, and had been wounded there.

Ehmed was martyred in a recent Turkish fighter jet bombing of the Werxalê village in the Zap region.


Code Name: Demhat Zindan
Name and Surname: Demhat Ahmet Rekani
Place of Birth: Sheladize
Mother’s and Father’s Name: Nazdar – Ahmet Rekani
Date and Place of Martyrdom: March 22, 2018 / Medya Defense Zones