Demos against Öcalan's isolation spread across Southern Kurdistan

Demonstrations for the freedom of the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan spread across Southern Kurdistan.

As a watch demonstration was launched in Suleymaniye in protest of the isolation led by Tevgera Azadi, a march and a press statement were held in Çemçemal.

Tevgera Azadi started a two-day long watch tent in Nali Park in Suleymaniye. Suleymaniye Tevgera Azadi Co-chair Hacı Azad spoke on the demonstration and called for all the people of Southern Kurdistan to attend the demonstrations and stated that their demonstrations will continue in every front from now on.


Tevgera Azadi Suleymaniye Branch who started the tent demonstration stated the following:

“The Turkish state has answered our Leadership’s struggle for peace and democracy with isolation. Our call for the international community is to speak up against the isolation imposed upon Öcalan. The international community and human rights groups who choose silence in the face of these practices against Öcalan should take on their humane responsibility. We demand an immediate end to the isolation and freedom for Öcalan.”


The isolation was condemned in a march and a press statement in Süleymaniye’s Çemçemal district. Hundreds attended the march organized by Tevgera Azadi, RJAK and Kurdistan Free Youth Movement.

Tevgera Azadi Kirkuk Province Co-chair Rıhan Hemedi spoke at the press statement following the march in the city center and said protesting the isolation of Öcalan was the fundamental patriotic duty for everybody. Hemedi asked the people in Southern Kurdistan to protect Öcalan with the spirit of mobilization.

Hemedi also pointed out the Turkish state’s attacks on Rojava and said: “These attacks are directly related to the isolation.”

Hamedi stated that the isolation imposed upon Öcalan was the continuation of the denial policy directed towards all Kurds and continued: “We will never accept this. Today, tomorrow, the next day, we will continue our demonstrations until our Leadership is free.”

People of Çemçemal spoke to ANF and said protesting the isolation is a fundamental patriotic duty, and that all Kurds should protest the isolation as one united voice.

The people of Çemçemal said the following: “Everybody on the side of freedom should protect Öcalan. This is a humane demonstration. Because there is oppression. Staying silent is being a part of the oppression. Öcalan is fighting for freedom and has been in isolation for 17 years because of it. If we truly want to be free, then we need to protest the oppression in İmralı as one voice. Öcalan’s freedom means not only freedom for Kurds but for all peoples of the Middle East. Therefore, this is now everybody’s duty and responsibility.”