Death toll rises to 4 in Beytüşşebap

Attacks by Turkish state forces left four people dead and four others wounded.

In addition to the bombardment by Turkish jets, troops at Gendarmerie Command conducted artillery fire in Beytüşşebap district of Şırnak since last night. The attacks by Turkish forces left some 10 houses and one mosque unusable.

After entering the district in armored vehicles, state forces rained bullets on all the workplaces at district center, as a result of which around 20 workplaces were damaged and 4 others became unusable. While two yet-unidentified people were wounded in the attacks, armed forces also opened fire on the buildings of the HDP and DBP.


Troops at District Gendarmerie Command launched mortar attacks on the nearby villages of Setkar, Tilbes, Faraşîn, Meydan, Germav (Ilıca), Gernex and Tivor.

A mortar shell fired by soldiers hit a house in Setkar village, which left three civilians dead and two others heavily wounded.

Civilians Ahmet Temel, his son Behçet Temel and their relative Alya Temel have lost their lives, while Fevzi Temel and Ahmet Temel's son Hasan Temel were heavily wounded in the fire. The bodies of the murdered civilians were taken to Uludere State Hospital, and the wounded to Beytüşşebap and Şırnak State Hospital.

The casualties left by the attack are reported to be relatives of former district co-mayor Yusuf Temel.


On the other hand, police also killed an ambulance driver Şehmuz Dursun as he entered the district to take the wounded policemen upon a call by the district governor early in the morning.

Eyewitnesses told that fire opened by police forces on the ambulance left the driver dead, while two other health workers fled the scene to save their lives.

As tension remains quite high, Turkish forces keep bombing the mountains surrounding the district.

In the meantime, HDP Şırnak deputies Faysal Sarıyıldız, Ferhat Encü and Aycan İrmez have arrived the district to examine the incidents at scene.