Concurrent attacks by Turkish army, affiliates and ISIS on Manbij

The Turkish army, affiliated gangs and ISIS launched concurrent attacks on villages to the west of Manbij Wednesday morning. Attacks and clashes are ongoing.

The Turkish military and allied gang groups have targeted villages of Manbij after their invasion of al-Bab.

ISIS groups attacked the village of Misteha to the west of Manbij this morning. Concurrently, Turkish forces and affiliated gang groups launched an attack on the villages of Xalidiye, Lajli and Huta.

Manbij Military Council Spokesperson Sherwan Derwish stated that the ISIS attack on Misteha village has been repelled as result of clashes and bodies of 5 ISIS members killed in the fighting were seized by their side.

Derwish said the attacks of the Turkish army and allied gangs on the villages of Xalidiye, Lajli and Huta are still ongoing.

"The attacks were launched concurrently. As Manbij Military Council we have carried out defense against the attacks targeting us. Clashes that erupted upon our response still continue. The concurrent launch of attacks puts a question mark in the minds if there is an agreement made in al-Bab to conduct joint attacks on Manbij. Even if there is no such a deal, the concurrent attacks that target us without the other sides hitting one another reveals the cooperation between ISIS and the Turkish army, allied gangs."