Co-mayor of Nusaybin warns against an imminent massacre

The curfew imposed in Mardin's Nusaybin district and the following terrorization of civilians by state forces has entered the third day.

The curfew imposed in Mardin's Nusaybin district and the following terrorization of civilians by state forces has entered the third day.

The town witnessed heavy clashes during the night as youths started responding to the attacks of police forces with tanks and artillery fire yesterday evening. In Fırat neighborhood where attacks and clashes intensified, 70-year-old Ahmet Sönmez was murdered and many other civilians were wounded by police bullets.

Co-mayor of Nusaybin, Cengiz Kök, spoke to ANF about the latest situation in the town.


Remarking that clashes in Fırat, Yeni Turan and 8 Mart neighborhoods began early yesterday evening and lasted till 24:00 at night, after which the conflict intensified in Fırat neighborhood till the midnight as state forces entered the neighborhood with dozens of armored vehicles, tanks and heavy weapons.

Kök continued; "We learned early in the morning that a 70-year-old civilian by the name of Ahmet Sönmez had been murdered in the neighborhood. The man had been shot by dozens of bullets fired by police. His body remained on the street till the morning and could be reached only after 08:00 o'clock."

Kök stressed that Turkish forces made an intense military build-up in preparation for an offensive that would go beyond the terror in Cizre as hundred of armored vehicles, heavy weapons and special operation teams have been deployed in the town for an obviously 'extended siege and offensive'. The co-mayor pointed out that every single street in the town has been blockaded by armored vehicles and security forces shot every single person they encountered on the streets.


The co-mayor informed that a number of civilians have been wounded since the beginning of the attacks by state forces who also denied access of the wounded to hospitals and shot everyone who went out.

Kök noted that the ill civilians in the town are also hindered from going to hospital, including dialysis patients and pregnant women about to bear a child.

Remarking that both electricity and water has been cut off in Fırat and Newroz neighborhoods where attacks intensified, Kök quoted the district governor as saying that; "The situation goes beyond us. The curfew will continue uninterruptedly."


Warning that the town will witness a big human tragedy unless the curfew and siege is removed in the shortest time, co-mayor of Nusaybin added; “The intense military build-up by state forces points to a preparation for a big massacre. I am calling on the entire public opinion to disallow this imminent massacre and unite around Nusaybin.”