Caves used for storage and shelter

Caves in Güçlükonak that have been used as living quarters in the past continue to be used by locals as storage units or shelter for the animals they keep to this day.

The caves in Şırnak’s Güçlükonak district center that have been used as living quarters for years continue to be used in accordance with locals’ needs today. Some store their pickles and cheese for the winter in the caves and others use the caves as shelter for their animals.

The caves also provide various herbs and plants to local families who include them in their cooking.


72 year old Emine Durmuş said she used to live in one of these caves when she was a child along with her family and added that she is overcome with memories every time she visits the place. About the now past days, Durmuş said: “Here life was good. We found happiness through sharing the products we made together. Because there was no electricity, our mothers used to tell us stories in Kurdish all the time.”


Durmuş said many beneficial herbs and plants still grow in the area because the nature remains undisturbed, and added that they use the herbs they gather in their cooking.

Durmuş complained that with urbanization, there has been a fall in making products together and added: “Back then everybody was equal, we used to produce together and eat together. There was no sorrow or melancholy, there was labor. That is why the products were beautiful. Now we have everything, but people are not happy. We can’t enjoy the food we eat. It was laborious, but we used to be happy.”