Bucak: National Unity is the way to success

Kurdistan Democratic Party Northern Kurdistan (PDK-Bakur) chair Sertaç Bucak said that the Turkish state's attack on Rojava is not accepted anywhere in the world

The invasion carried out by the Turkish state in North-East Syria continues to draw reactions.

Kurdistan Democratic Party - Northern Kurdistan (PDK-Bakur) chair Sertaç Bucak said that the Turkish state's attack on Rojava is not accepted anywhere in the world, and added: "The attacks against Rojava are against both international and war law because the Turkish state is attacking the territory of another country and wants to occupy it. Rojava has never represented a threat for Turkey. And in fact The Turkish state has met with the democratic autonomous government and Mr. Salih Muslim many times before."

Bucak continued: "The Kurdish people are an oppressed people. Hundreds of civilians were killed in these invasion attacks. Turkey wants to change the demographic structure of Rojava with these attacks.  It wants to place Arabs in the homeland of the Kurds. Fifty years ago, the Syrian regime did the same by creating the Arab belt. After the Arab belt was forced upon people, many citizens were displaced. Now the Turkish state wants to apply a second Arab belt. The Turkish state wants to destroy the Kurds by changing the demographic structure of the areas they live in."

Bucak underlined that Turkey is carrying out a dangerous problem for the whole Middle East. "In Turkey there was a Kurdish issue, but after the attacks on Rojava the Kurdish issue has become a world issue. Wherever in the world there is a Kurdish gain, Turkey will be there to try and destroy it. At the time of the recent independence referendum in South Kurdistan, Turkey threatened South Kurdistan in front of the whole world. At that time, there were strong relationships between the South and Turkey. Now Kurds are implementing their own autonomous administration in Rojava and Turkey this time is attacking there."

Bucak continued: "Turkey is seeing the Kurds getting a status as a threat for itself. This is a danger for the people of Turkey. The Turkish state views the Kurds as a security issue, so it is engaged in military operations to dismantle the Kurdish organisations. But this policy has not been successful so far. This problem has not been solved by massacres, killings and arrests. We do not accept this, military operations are wrong. Rojava is not a threat for Turkey."

Bucak emphasized that a people who want to achieve their goals must act together and ended his speech by sating: "If we look around use in the world, we see that the peoples who acted together have succeeded. This is also true for the Kurds. We should act together.

We are an oppressed people. We Kurds are not enemies of any people. We, like every society, want to live equally and freely. We have no eyes on the land of any country. We want to live in our own land. That's why national unity is essential."