Bayık: Our people should lead the Middle East revolution

“July 19 Rojava Revolution is the revolution of peoples and the century. It is a major revolution for both revealing the reality of everyone, and determining their fate", said KCK Executive Council Co-President Cemil Bayık.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-President Cemil Bayık spoke about the July 19 Rojava Revolution in its third year on a program by Kurdish Ronahi TV.

Bayık congratulated the third anniversary of the revolution in the person of Rojava people and freedom fighters, and commemorated all the martyrs with respect.

“July 19 Rojava Revolution is the revolution of peoples and the century. It is a major revolution for both revealing the reality of everyone, and determining their fate. Great revolutions create great hopes and great enemies. If everyone is making a point of this revolution today and see it as their source of hope, this happens because of its greatness. This is also the reason why those against the Rojava revolution are advancing savage attacks and enmity against it. Today, Rojava Revolution is creating major changes in the life of not only Kurds but also all the peoples of the Middle East. A new life, a new society and a new personality is being built”, Bayık said.

Noting that Kurds in Rojava (West Kurdistan) were not known very much until a few years ago, Bayık said the revolutionary identity and values revealed by the July 19 Revolution has been recognized and acknowledged by the whole world today.


Bayık continued by pointing to the democratic nation system developed by the Rojava Revolution against the nation state system which -he said- is collapsing in the Middle East today, as is concretely being witnessed in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya where the failure to build a new system to replace it also continues.

Bayık said the Democratic Nation system practiced in Rojava today is being advanced to replace this failed system, adding; "As everyone sees in this instance here, it is only this strategy and policy that can ensure a solution to the problems in the Middle East, and the way out for the Middle East to overcome this crisis and achieve stability. The democratic nation resolution is the only way leading to stability, democracy, fraternity, unity, freedom and justice. This is the resolution project of Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan) who presented with this project a great gift to the Kurdish people, Middle East and whole humanity, which is being led by the Kurdish people today."


Putting emphasis on the importance of building of social system by the Rojava Revolution which is based on the spirit and manner of July 14 resistance, Bayık remarked that the political revolution must be completed in the social arena as well. "With the victories in Kobanê, Til Hemis, Til Berak, Mebruka and Gire Spî, Rojava Revolution has completed a phase and started a new one, paving the way for democratization in entire Syria. The people of Rojava should therefore improve both their social revolution and the democratic revolution of entire Syria. They should enhance the military and political steps of this revolution and play a leading role in this aspect. On this basis, the threats and dangers against the revolution should be eliminated, the revolution should be protected, and a leading role should be played for the expansion of this democratic revolution across Syria and the Middle East."


KCK Executive Council Co-President Cemil Bayık also drew attention to the need to improve the economic aspect of the revolution, and remarked that this should also be realized within the course of the social revolution.

Bayık lastly added the following comments; "Our people should enhance their organization and awareness on self defense. Besides the enlargement of military forces, this also includes the improvement of the fair self defense among the public. All our people should take up arms, train themselves and get organized.Underground systems, tunnels and emplacements should be formed in all villages, cities and neighborhoods against the attacks of ISIS and all the colonialist powers. People shouldn't leave their lands. Whether life or death, it should happen in their lands. Defending Rojava is defending entire Kurdistan. We can attain a dignified life only if we own the Rojava Revolution. This is why everyone should own and embrace the Rojava Revolution."