Baydemir: Every Kurd should pressure their own party for national unity

HDP Urfa MP Osman Baydemir called on all Kurdish organizations and parties in all 4 parts to achieve Kurdish national alliance as soon as possible. Baydemir called on Kurds to pressure their parties.

A national alliance among Kurds is being discussed again by various circles again after KCK’s declaration on the national congress. The prominent view in the discussions is that Kurds should come together urgently.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Urfa MP Osman Baydemir said if the Kurds don’t come together, they will face a historic disappearance and called for Kurdish parties to leave ideological concerns aside and come together.


HDP MP Baydemir stated that the enemies of Kurds are strong because Kurds don’t have unity and said: “Today, if one reason the Kurdish issue is so complex and disruptive is Tehran, Ankara, Baghdad and Damascus, another is the lack of alliance among Kurdish political organizations and them not coming together on mutual grounds and creating perspectives. In this atmosphere, standing against such a wave will cause the Kurdish people to lose all they have achieved. Another key to standing against these attacks and succeeding is the organized forces of the Kurdish people and their political groups to come together on mutual grounds. This is true for Rojava’s inner dynamic as well. All political currents in Rojava should come together on mutual grounds for the future of Rojava and the future of Kurdistan.

I’m not saying one or the other party is guilty. But as long as they don’t come together on mutual grounds, they are far from freedom.

Baydemir said the same also goes for Southern Kurdistan and added: “I’m not excluding any group, all parties in Southern Kurdistan should come together on mutual grounds. The political movements in Northern Kurdistan and Southern Kurdistan should put ideological divisions aside. The issue is beyond ideological squabbles. The Kurdish people are facing extinction. The discussion for whether there should be a free market economy or a communal one is ridiculous in this situation. Fighting for whether this should be a symbol or the other one is treason against the martyrs in this situation. It is unfair and it is an insult. They are trying to destroy a nation. If they manage that in the North, they will go to Rojava. If they manage it there, Hewler will fall. To prevent all these, to come together on common grounds on a national alliance, we need action fast.”


HDP MP Osman Baydemir emphasized that every Kurd should pressure their own party for national alliance and said: “As a Kurd from the North, I’m calling on the parties I feel close to. As a member of HDP, naturally my call is for HDP. We should be a partner in the national alliance. Every Kurd should pressure whatever party they are a member of or feel close to to be part of the national allience. We as the Kurdish people, as intellectual circles, need to pressure our own parties to be part of the national alliance. We haven’t achieved anything by criticizing the other parties yet, and we won’t in the future.

HDP and the political tradition HDP feeds from is a tradition of self criticism and it draws power from that. Let’s ask ourselves this objectively: Don’t we have any role in the national alliance failing until today? Are we not lacking in any aspect? These are questions we all need to ask ourselves.”

Baydemir also said the Kurdish media should play an important role: “If the media in Northern, Southern and Rojava Kurdistan cover this issue, it will be a significant advance. If we start this from the media, if we move on from an othering language to a language of alliance, be sure that we will advance significantly. I am hopeful for the national alliance because I believe our greatest point of resistance that will save us and stop fascism, and prevent new 1915’s in these lands is through our people and their organized forces leaving ideological differences aside and coming together on common grounds.”